Easter School Holidays ring in busy travel season at Frankfurt Airport

With the Easter holidays around the corner, Frankfurt Airport (FRA) is preparing for this year’s first travel peak. Germany’s largest aviation hub expects to welcome up to 215,000 passengers daily – particularly at the start of the Easter school holidays on the weekend from April 12 to 15. The busy travel season will continue also after the Easter holidays. During summer, more than 240,000 passengers are expected to pass through the FRA global aviation hub on peak days, thus reaching similar levels as last year. Passenger volumes are not expected to decline noticeably until October, when Frankfurt Airport switches to the winter flight schedule.

Five tips for a smooth airport experience

Passengers should should therefore follow a few key pieces of advice when preparing for their journey. Each individual passenger can contribute to avoiding unnecessary delays and ensuring a stress-free travel experience at the counters and security checkpoints in the terminals.

  1. Check in online: Passengers can usually check in online 24 hours before departure on their airline’s website. This saves time at the check-in counter.
  2. Arrive early: Passengers should be at the airport at least two and a half hours before departure and make their way to the security check immediately after dropping off their luggage. Once having passed the security checkpoint, passengers will find a wide range of amenities and leisure experiences to choose from, including FRA’s Movie and Gaming Worlds, yoga rooms and play areas for children, as well as shops and restaurants.
  3. Take as little carry-on luggage as possible: Your carry-on luggage should only contain items that are essential during your journey on the plane and at the airport. Carrying light luggage is the best way to ensure a relaxed airport experience. It also saves time at the security checkpoint and when boarding the plane. Packing correctly also helps reduce stress. Therefore, travelers should check their airline’s luggage rules and allowances before starting their trip. The airline will provide details about the size, number and weight permitted. Aviation regulations specify what is allowed in each piece of luggage.
  4. Stow liquids and electronics correctly: Particular attention must be paid to liquids and electronic devices. Batteries, e-cigarettes and power banks must be transported in carry-on luggage. Liquids in carry-on luggage must be stored in individual receptacles of up to 100 ml each in a resealable, transparent plastic bag with a maximum volume of one liter per passenger. Electronic devices and liquids must be presented separately at the security check. Security checks can be sped up considerably by packing everything so that it is quickly accessible and easily restowable.
  5. Book parking online: Booking parking online early is strongly recommended for passengers traveling to the airport in their own car. It is also cheaper. In addition to arriving two and a half hours before departure, we recommend that passengers allow a few minutes’ additional time for traveling between the parking structure and the terminal.

“Following these travel tips and the luggage regulations will help each person have a more enjoyable airport experience,” explains Fraport AG’s General Manager Aviation, Dr. Pierre Dominique Prümm. “This will also positively contribute to smooth operations and the overall situation at our airport. Nevertheless, Frankfurt Airport – like all other travel hubs and routes – will be very busy in the summer months, especially during vacation periods. We are preparing for this as effectively as possible with additional staff and adjustments to our infrastructure. Yet, longer waits can still be expected on peak days. Our aim is to keep waiting times as short as possible. To achieve this, we rely on the cooperation of passengers and our partners on site, as well as airlines and government agencies.”

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Passengers can find all the travel tips and a lot more useful information at frankfurt-airport.com and via the Frankfurt Airport app.

Leave your winter coat at the airport

During the Easter holidays, the popular Winter Coat Storage Service is available for the last time this season at the luggage storage service. For 50 euro cents per day, down jackets and thick coats can be left at the airport, while their owners enjoy their vacation in the sun.

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