10 Students Tips For Planning Your Assignment

The secret to successfully finish everything in time is time management. We all tend to forget about things or postpone them to the last minute, and it might bring troubles and stress to your life. It can also decrease your grades because when you don’t have enough time for an assignment, it is hard to do quality work. Anyone might find him/herself wondering “Can someone help me to do my assignment right now?” Sure thing; you can always use the best essay writing service when you have no other possibility to finish it on your own. Many students in Australia and all over the world have struggled with planning; this guide will help you to manage time properly and be successful with your studies.

Tips on Planning to Do Your Assignment without Stressing Out

How to write an assignment? Well, it takes some skill and researching, but the main thing, of course, is to have all planned and organized, before you even start writing.

  1.      Create a useful time planner. The first thing to mention is that it is better to use a digital calendar or an app that allows creating tasks with due dates and reminders. Of course, you might make a notebook with all the information, but as long as it is in the paper, there is no way to set reminders. As soon as you get an assignment out into calendar and set a due date. Set two reminders, one week before the due date, another one two weeks before. Don’t trust your memory, as it is hard to keep everything in mind; use technology instead.
  2.      Create a rating system defining the importance and complexity of tasks. It is useful when you have several of them at a time. Mark them with different colors and figure out how much time each of them will take you to write. Start with the most complex and important ones, the less crucial you can always trust to an online service, like PapersOwl.
  3.      How to start an assignment? You need to begin with a close reading of requirements and topic; it is crucial that you understand the key question and the demands you are expected to meet. Underline the main words and focus on them, define the crucial question of an essay.
  4.      After the previous step write down what you need to do to finish the task. Basically, you are creating a plan of actions you are going to take. Don’t put huge options like “write an essay.” Divide them into smaller sections so that they are less nerve wreaking and easier to do. Set realistic goals, if you cannot write 2000 words a day, it is ok; just divide the works for two days at least.
  5.      Begin working on an assignment with drafting a structure for it. Whether you are going to a college in Melbourne or any other place in Australia, there are common outlines for any kind of academic paper that are well-known and are publicly accessible. If you don’t have an example, you may ask the professor or look online, the general outline for an essay is always the same. Use it to customize according to your needs and topic.
  6.      Look for useful information. Don’t rush to write everything, do research on the topic first. You don’t have to pay for online sources; there are many of them that are free to use by anyone. There is your local public library, college library, and digital resources. If you don’t know which sources are most relevant, ask someone for help: professor, tutor, and classmate.
  7.      When working with sources make notes and marks on the most important data. After you are done, it will be easier to find this information.

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  1.      Work on your thesis statement. Before actually writing it is better to know what your standpoint is and the main idea. That’s why one should spend some time formulating a clear thesis statement that will be a guide to future work.
  2.      Write a draft. Try to focus and not get distracted, don’t be too critical when writing a draft, just follow thoughts and ideas. Remember to put in direct citations primary sources and paraphrase secondary ones. It is not essential where to start; you may begin with the part that is easier for you and then complete other paragraphs.
  3.  Proofread and edit draft to make it a finished paper. Use services like Grammarly that helps to proofread spelling and grammar and use online plagiarism checker, there are several free AU services. But most importantly – reread your text to revise the general logic, readability, strong arguments, etc.

This guide should help you with the understanding of how to do assignments. Remember that it is better not postpone it till the last night, as the more time you have, the better it is.

Author’s bio: Becca Stickler is a freelance writer with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendly living. Now engaged in travel around the country and writing.

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