Star struck: Half of world’s star rated hotels located in Europe

Half of the world’s star rated hotels are located in Europe. The latest numbers show that there are 402.933 star rated hotels worldwide, of which 204.151 are located in Europe. Asia comes in second with a total 85.337 star hotels. The rising star welcomed almost 5.000 new star rated hotels over the past three years.

Italy leads the way

Europe is home to a total of 600.000 hotels and accommodations, of which a third is rated with a star. Glamour country Italy is the European star leader with 32.803 star rated hotels. Not surprisingly, the only European 7-star hotel is located in Italy: Hotel Seven Stars Galleria in Milan. This hotel has only seven suites with prices between 1.500 and 15.000 euro. Croatia is right behind Italy. The country is catching up fast, as the amount of star rated hotels has doubled since 2015. From 13.834 star hotels in 2015 to 29.282 in 2019.

UK vs France

Europe is doing especially well in the luxury department. The number of 5-star hotels has doubled over the past three years: from 5.508 to 9.112. Most 5-star hotels can be found in the United Kingdom: 1.212. This is almost three times as much as France. Even though France has double the amount of accommodations: 62.001 against 31.093 in the United Kingdom. Last in the European country list is Vatican City with just one 4-star hotel. Amen to that.

Asia is growing fast

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Although Europe is a solid number one, the star of Asia is rising. The continent has 85.337 star hotels, 4.944 more than three years ago. Most Asian star rated hotels are located in China. But the number of star rated in hotels in backpackers favorite South East Asia has grown fast with 10% in three years: from 32.883 in 2016 to 36.365 in 2019.
Falling stars in The United States.

The United States has the highest amount of hotels and accommodations worldwide: 436.068. But only 45.462 of these hotels are star rated. If you’re looking for luxury, the United States should not be your pick. The country has just 806 5-star hotels, 68 less than two years ago.

7-stars in the Middle East

Luxury lovers will love the Middle East. There are only three 7-star hotels in the world, and two of them are in the Middle-East. Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi and the famous Burj Al Arab in Dubai: the first 7-star hotel in the world. Prices vary from € 1.000 to € 50.000 per night. Seeing stars already?

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