Version CMO London and Club des Femmes de la Diversité CFD, together to help open up better opportunities for women in Cape Verde

It is a powerful thing indeed to gather female entrepreneurs to meet from Europe and Africa and around the world to discuss opportunities and to drive change together.

Elizabeth Patricia Traore-Andony, MD, CMO London, and the President of Dina Mendes of Club des Femmes de la Diversité, are together in Cape Verde to engage in questions about gender in companies and the importance of value in female creators and entrepreneurship in small and medium enterprises.

Together they believe that building better business in Cape Verde and primary activity is the key in helping to resolve problems now and for future generations.

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Commenting on this initiative, Elizabeth Patricia Traore-Andony says: “I hope that we can embrace the creation of a union for women in business and that we can take further steps towards this aim. We value the role of women in our lives, but we have to value the role of women as entrepreneur.”

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