“Best Worscht in Town” brings a currywurst buffet to Frankfurt Airport

rankfurt Airport is about to gain yet another culinary highlight: “Best Worscht in Town”, a German fast food chain that has achieved cult status, is opening its first airport restaurant. From humble beginnings as a family-run sausage stand that opened in Frankfurt in 1970, it has blossomed into an international franchise.

The menu embraces a wide variety of currywurst specialties for every taste. For the unitiated: currywurst, allegedly invented in Berlin after WW II, has traditionally consisted of steamed and then fried sausage that is typically cut into bite-sized chunks, smoothered with curry-flavored ketchup, and then sprinkled with even more curry powder.

“Best Worscht in Town” has gone a step further, however, to create a veritable currywurst El Dorado that not only meets the expectations of those who love the classic variety with pork or beef sausage, but also features delicious nonmeat versions for vegans and fans of organic products. Those who love spicy foods are also fully catered to: patrons can use a “Spiciness Meter” to choose any level from A for mild to F for eye-poppingly intense (“not for softies!” warns the menu).

The staff, dubbed “Worscht Dealers”, are more than willing to make recommendations to guests wishing to experiment. The many kinds of currywurst are served with French fries or freshly baked German-style sourdough bread. Chocolate milk, a traditional remedy for alleviating hot chili overdoses, is also available.

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The “Best Worscht in Town” outlet is located in Terminal 1 in the Airport City Mall in Concourse A, one level above the regional train station at Frankfurt Airport. It will be open between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Around 70 restaurants serve passengers and visitors daily at Frankfurt Airport. More information on the wide range of services available there can be found on the airport’swebsite, in its Service Shop, and on its Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube social media pages.

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