Why are Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds so popular?

Mobile games have taken over the video game market in recent years. All the popular games are launched in different platforms including mobile applications. PUBG is a game that almost everyone has heard about if they are up-to-date about the gaming craze. PUBG falls in the battle royal genre and it was taken well in the market especially among the youngsters. The initial launch of the game was for PCs and consoles but it really took off when the Android app was launched in February of 2018. So, the game has completed its first year and has become a crazy sensation over the world, especially in Asian countries such as India.  So, let us see some of the reasons why is PUBG mobile is popular?

Reasons behind the popularity of PUBG:

There should be definitely some reasons for which a video game becomes a sensation among a huge population. Here are some reasons for PUBG’s popularity:

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  • ‘Battle Royal’ concept: There is an abundance of strategic shooting games present in the gaming market. But the place where PUBG differs is its genre which is Battle Royal. The concept was still fresh when it was launched as a mobile app in 2018. So, it spread like wildlife as it is thrilling to play the game as you keep on making quick decisions to survive in the game. Even several other games started copying PUBG.
  • Different Modes: PUBG is a game where people can get united and actually make real-life friends from around the world. There are basically three modes of solo, duo,and People generally prefer to play in a squad where they can converse with each other which helps them to guide and fix a strategy which lets them have a chance to win.
  • Mobile Game is Free: As we said, most of the players that play PUBG, use their smartphones to play the game. It is free to install the app in their phones and it is also free to play the game. People do not need to spend their hard earned money to actually get entertainment out of it.
  • Realistic: The people who have made PUBG, have paid immense attention to the world around them. The design and graphics present in the game are quite realistic. A player starts from scratch when they first get on the island. So, everyone has an equal chance to win the game. Even the terrain and buildings are quite realistic including the gameplay.
  • Strong Community: PUBG mobile apk has quickly formed its own community where the players can mingle and actually play the game. You can also find several social media pages and groups that are dedicated to the discussion of PUBG. Current players introduce the game to their friends and in this way, the community keeps increasing.
  • There is also Tencent gaming buddy PUBG emulator for PC available for free which allow players to play PUBG Mobile version on PC without spending any amount.

So, here are some of the reasons for which we think that PUBG has gained the popularity that it has right now. We think that it will remain the king of the mobile gaming market for quite some time due to its unique concept and for the players who religiously play it.

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