My First Experience on Kerala Holidays

Hello guys so after a very long time we have going to share a wonderful experience of kerala tour and also will share how we spend a wonderful week on kerala house boats. The Backwaters of Alleppey lake have been used for centuries by local people or kerala  for transportation, fishing and agriculture. and also for running their business for tourism just after some time. Kerala tour packages Today backwater tourism can be added into the list as people flock to the Kerala backwaters after the monsoon for getting the wonderful experience life on the Alleppey houseboats and to see some of the surrounding village life for themselves. And may be you wont believe but its really gives you pleasure to your mind or you can rest out from your stress full life while being on houseboats

Kerala houseboats were made for transporting  fish, rice and spices but when people being converted into a floating hotels or rooms where people can enjoy their family holiday and also couple can enjoy

their honeymoon and it will be a different kind of experience for both of them so if you are planning a trip for kerala so don’t miss it.

The Kerala backwaters was something that was on our travel list for some time. So this journey started when We planned to go 3 months  ago but due to some of our personal work we didn’t get the time for travels our train was delayed and all our plans was almost canceled . This trip to India we made Kerala a priority and and we had added to staying on an Alleppey boat house on our list on top.

So guys in this complete post we are continue more of our Kerala experiences and also try to give you all answer of yours  with our travel experience. kerala holiday packages And Hopefully this post will help you plan a memorable Kerala boat house adventure  of yours and tie up all the loose ends you unsure about. And you will Experiencing the backwaters of India was an experience we certainly will never forget!


What you need to know before taking an Alleppey boat house tour


Firstly you have to decide that the exactly what kind of houseboat package you want and how much you want to spend. How many people you are and The boats come in all shapes, sizes, and prices with the different types of facilitates

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Mostly here you will find Kerala house boats with one bedroom deluxe and up to ten rooms, A/C or non A/C.  Some boats have an upstairs area or deck and some comes with luxury extras. You even have the option to share with other travellers or you can opt for a private cruise.

There are different houseboat Categories

Here are some house boat categories like starting from the cheap and budget houseboats. Other categories include deluxe houseboats, luxury houseboats, premium houseboats, special cruises and ultra luxury houseboats. The Alleppey houseboats offer everything from very basic needs  to extras such T.V, lounges even going as far as PlayStation for the kids or Karaoke and some has mini bars

Houseboat Food

If you are nonveg. or veg this place going to be perfect for both of them in a very reasonable price The food  you will get with to much quality and natural and healthy to be pretty standard on all houseboats, offering a vegetarian or non vegetarian option. It also can be changed slightly according to which boat you choose to go with or whether you have special requirements.

Your trip will usually start with a welcome drink which is a fresh coconut water . For lunch they prepare their native and mos famous and delicious rice, Sambar, mixed vegetables Fish Fry (fried fish) pickles and fruits. Dinner, mostly you can expect an Indian curry veg or non veg, Chappati, Dal, Rice vegetables or some  salad. If you looking for a snack you will get tea, coffee and banana chips which I didn’t like to much but it was okay for me . Finally for breakfast you will get a choice of eggs, bread, butter and Jam and either a Dosa or Poori Masala.

If you want to have a few beers or a bottle of wine on board then you can normally pre-request this or take your own.

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