Top 10 Boat & Cruise Packages in Goa

Paradise in western India with coastline stretching along the Arabian Sea, Goa has become the favorite destination to experience the best cruises, house boats, and sailing tours which allows tourists to have fun and experience great adventure at the same time. With a number of cruises and sailing tours available in the place, from a casino cruise to dinner cruise, everyone can enjoy the sightseeing as they get an opportunity to sail down the pristine beauty of the Mandovi river and backwaters of Goa. Here are the Top 10 best Sailing tours and Cruises in Goa that provides excellent services and fun filled activities to help you escape the chaos of the city life.


While there are so many restaurants to choose from in Goa, the best way to have a memorable dinner with your family and loved ones is to have it on a cruise. Besides of the mesmerizig views, Dinner Cruise offers a lot of entertainment on board with amazing and friendly crew on board.Also, do not miss the opportunity to witness folk dances of Goa performing performed by talented artists on the cruise.

This is a two-hours dinner cruise which takes you along the river Mandovi from a boat Jetty in Santa Monica. Refreshments and Dinner are served on board as it sails past the beautiful colonial buildings down to the Promenade, with its trees festooned in fairy lights, and Miramar Beach as its last destination. Cruise will be anchored for a short period of time then slowly goes back past the gentle shoreline of Mandovi River’s northern bank and back to Santa Monica Jetty.


Casino Cruise Goa

Goa has countless casinos as it is one of the few states in the country where gambling is legal. If you are seeking to have fun with good music and unlimited wine during your vacation, a visit to a casino cruise is a sure shot thing to do in Goa.  Casinos are spread across the state, from a luxurious hotel to offshore cruises. Floating casinos, which are docked on Mandovi River, are the most popular in Goa because of its live action table that attracts tourists.

A visit to a Casino Cruise during your vacation helps you forget your busy life and relax with immense joy by engaging yourself in some fun games and legal gambling activities while sailing under the sun and witness the breathtaking sightseeing views of Goa.

Entertainment begins at 8:00PM and dinner will be served on board.However, there are still rules and limitations that everyone must be aware and follow. The permissible age for entry on the casino floor is above 21 years and it is suggested to wear formals or smart casual dressing.


Crocodile & birdwatching Goa | Photo: tripraja

That makes the Backwater Cruise unique is its breath-taking view of unaccessible parts of Goa. The cruise sails through the one of the largest islands at the mouth of Mandovi River, which is called as the Mangrove infested swamps of Chorao, down to Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, a part of Goa’s only protected area for birds. Carrying about 150 passengers on one trip, it is also popularly known as Shantadurga. With its 5 hours duration of sailing, you can indulge in various entertainment activities and be amazed with the beautiful views of nature and crocodiles sunning at the narrows.

The cruise stops for an hour or two at the Spice Garden where tourists can learn the distillation process and spice production. Elephant ride and traditional food on banana leaf will also be experienced by the tourists during the tour. After the 2-hours stop, the cruise slowly sails back and past through Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary at Chorao Island and allows tourists to have a close look of the migratory and resident birds along the riverine tip.


Chapora Houseboat in Goa | Photo: Goa Boat Cruise

Starting from Chapora Port, enjoy a fun and exciting overnight House Boat Cruise in Goa with your friends and family. This has vast open rooms and gorgeous sit outs that let you see the beauty of nature while on board. Other than the rich environment, lovely sights of elegant skies in the night and the sunrise amidst the journey.

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As the boat sails away from the backwaters heading to the ocean, dolphins can be seen closely as they swim in synchronicity with the waves. Tourists are also allowed to try fishing during the tour.

House boat cruise can also be a sunrise trip, sunset trip, fishing trip, and an overnight tour.

Meals and drinks in this tour are served in a buffet style. While you enjoy the amazingly scrumptious food, enjoy a glimpse of the nearby village, old churches, and the simple living of the local people in Goa.


Enjoy the natural beauty of the Goa beaches and the Arabian Sea during your sail with Catamaran Cruise Sailing. It is a customary sailing that offers a very relaxed sport activity. Also called hobby cats, Catamaran boats are popularly known for its vivid banana-shaped structures and designed to work without the use of dagger boards. With this, it can operate in the ocean without any kind of difficulties. To experience the pleasant climate of Goa, best time to partake in catamaran cruising is between the months of October to May. Catamaran sailing is a 4 hours long journey that offers a lot of sea entertainment activities such as Kayaking, Snorkeling, and Dolphin sightseeing.


Sunset River Cruise, Goa | Photo: Goa Tours

A 1-hour long journey during late afternoon that offers a beautiful sightseeing and glorious sunset, the cruise starts at the Santa Monica taking you on a leisurely cruise along the Mandovi River. Other than the lovely sceneries, the tour has also a lot of on board entertainment activities such as Local dance performances and live bands. The spectacular sunset can be seen as the cruise sails across Miramar Beach. Sunset River Cruise is best experienced with your partner for a romantic moment.


If you are really seeking for a thrill ride, Speed Boat ride in Goa is no to be missed. A speed boat is much like a fast ocean tour where you can have fun as the boat heads towards the big waves. There’s no better feeling than having the salty sea water splash on your face and through your hair as the boat’s speed gets faster. This kind of water based tour will surely be a satisfaction to the water sport lovers as the boat has a speed of more than 50 mph. Maximum of 24 people are allowed in one boat. However, the boat can also be exclusive for some people who want to ride with a small group. The tour is carried out with the presence of trained and experienced professionals all throughout the activity to guarantee your safety while having fun. The best way to enjoy the thrill experience of a speed boat is to rent it exclusively together with your group.


For a high quality onboard service in Goa, private yacht is perfect for you! A Cabin Cruiser type with 2-4 hour duration tour will take you to mesmerizing sightseeing views in Goa and lets you experience a world class service on board. With its capacity of 10 persons, you can have a perfect and elegant tour experience exclusively with your friends and family. Set sail from Britona Boating Station in Panjim, Goa to Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary for mangroves, flora, and fauna sightseeing and back through the mouth of Miramar beach, Coco beach, and Forth Aguada. One of the most popular and cheapest private Yacht in Goa is the Sea Ray 330 with its price starting from RS 15,000.


Photo: Sunset Kayaking in Goa by Goa Tour Packages

Experience the Kayaking tour where you can explore these narrow channels and low lying branches of the green mangroves in Goa. The tour already includes on board snacks and beverages for everyone on the boat. See the native wildlife in their natural environment with your friends and loved ones with this 2-hours kayaking tour. Paddle along with the tide in comfort and experience the sight of nesting birds and small crabs in their holes. The trip usually starts before high tide to avoid being stuck in the flooded mangroves. Enjoy your tour as you witness fishermen catching fishes and putting down crab traps.


Learn to surf along the waves and the wind on an easy to use and family friendly with this private boat, exclusively for you and your friends or family, in Goa. The trip already includes personal instructors who will help beginners to learn and safety equipments will be provided on board. The tour starts from the premises of Grand Hyatt Goa and stops at the center of the ocean together with the highly qualified world class instructors that will guide each of you all throughout the tour. This 90-minute activity tour will let you learn and experience great adventure on ocean water at the same time. It is available between 9am to 5pm at the Aquasail Sailing Centre. Thus, it is highly suggested to come early since you’ll be oriented first for the Do’s and Don’ts on board. Showers and Changing rooms are also provided.
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