Travelling Tips for the First Time Flyers

Some people can’t handle packing for the travel and pack unnecessary items that are not required during the journey. But there are a few who can’t manage packing even for a couple of days and forget important things like passport and medicines. Savvy travellers successfully maintain the balance and prefer to pack only those things which are needed. Unnecessary things add extra load to your luggage. You pay high baggage fee too, along with the hassle of dragging it throughout your travel. In case of forgetting the important things like a toothbrush, shampoo or medicine you have to search the super store at the destination to buy, hence adding money and stress to your travel.

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The best way to deal with the parking issue is to make a list of all important things at least a few days before your departure. Try to put all your necessities so that you have all the things needed at the destination. The following tips can really help you with your travelling on the next trip:

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  • Instead of folding the clothes try to roll them. It’s the fastest way of packing and increases your packing space too
  • Stacking of clothes is the best option if you are not comfortable with rolling them. The stacking gives a more organized look to your tops and jeans
  • In order to avoid mucking up things in the suitcase, place the shoes either in shoe bags or use shower caps
  • When going for a long vacation trip, be smart with your clothes packing. Place two tops for one bottom. It helps to manage space for other things in the suitcase. Heavy luggage must be avoided during the trip to make your travelling as convenient as possible
  • You must consider how the things in the suitcase respond to the motion especially when you have opted for rolling luggage. In order to make sure the even distribution of the weight place all heavy items towards the wheel
  • Pack the light coloured clothes inside out to avoid any stains. It keeps white and pastels safe in case if there is any debris
  • While travelling with children, make a separate packing list for them that include everything essential during the stay at the destination

In case your family is accompanying you, select a proper off-site airport car parking service and reduce the hurdles of finding a parking spot, dragging heavy luggage from the parking compound back to the terminal. Compare airport parking deals on our website offered by our quality off-site service providers and proceed with the pre-booking to get rid of any last minute hassle.

Packing tips for travellers at airport;

  • Use TSA-approved locks, to lock your checked bag. This is because an agent may not need to break your lock for inside screening if your bag gets selected for a random screening process.
  • Avoid over-packing of the bag. In case of inspection, the screener may have difficulty to close your baggage, hence leading to wrinkling of clothes along with the potential to miss out something
  • After reservation of flight, check your airline website to find the limitations for the size and no of bags that you can bring with for the flight

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