Anguilla’s Government Lifts Restrictions on Movement

H.E. Governor Tim Foy and the Hon. Premier Victor Banks have announced the removal of all regulations restricting movement and gatherings, effective Wednesday, April 29. Testing has now shown that there are no active or suspected cases of COVID-19 in Anguilla, and the Chief Medical Officer advised the Executive Council on April 27 that these restrictions can be safely removed. 

This means that churches, places of worship, all retail stores, hair salons and barber shops, accommodation suppliers, gyms and spas, recreational facilities, official lotteries, restaurants and bars can re-open from Wednesday, April 29.

The Governor and Premier thanked Anguillians for their support in following the restrictions while they were in place, and in bringing about this great achievement.  They also cautioned against becoming complacent and asked that everyone continue to practice social distancing.  Environmental health officials in Anguilla will be visiting all commercial premises in the coming weeks to check compliance with established environmental health regulations, bearing in mind the importance of good basic hygiene in preventing the spread of all infectious diseases.

The Governor and Premier also noted that these or other restrictions may be re-introduced if circumstances change.

Anguilla’s ports will remain closed for passenger movements until the situation outside Anguilla allows for the safe reopening to external traffic. No definitive date has yet been set, but it is unlikely to be before the end of May. A limited number of repatriation flights for foreign nationals will take place this week. These flights – all of which have been formally requested by overseas governments – will take place under the same controlled arrangements as those previously implemented. All aircraft will arrive empty, with the aircrew remaining on board so avoiding any contact with ground staff.

The Hon. Premier Victor Banks is painfully aware that there are many Anguillians overseas who wish to return home but can’t because of the current border closure. They are working now to put in place arrangements to enable their safe return, and details will be announced in the coming days. Establishing an on-island capability to reliably test for the virus, expanding quarantine facilities and creating a phased program of returns that will match the island’s ability to test and quarantine people are the key requirements that are being addressed.

Illegal boat landings remain the greatest threat to Anguilla’s health and security and protecting Anguilla from illegal entry is a top priority for the Government. Coordinated land, sea and air patrols remain in place, and anyone attempting or assisting an illegal crossing will be arrested.

H.E. Governor Tim Foy and the Hon Premier Victor Banks acknowledged that the steps that Anguilla has been taking are helping to keep the island safe. However, no active cases does not mean that hygienic practices or respiratory etiquette should cease, and they urged all Anguillians to take the simple steps that save lives:

  • Wash your hands frequently;
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with a disposable tissue, or in the crook of a flexed elbow;
  • Frequently clean and disinfect shared spaces and work surfaces; and
  • Avoid contact with persons suffering from or exhibiting symptoms of acute respiratory infections such as the flu, coughs, and colds.

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Tucked away in the northern Caribbean, Anguilla is a shy beauty with a warm smile. A slender length of coral and limestone fringed with green, the island is ringed with 33 beaches, considered by savvy travelers and top travel magazines, to be the most beautiful in the world. A fantastic culinary scene, a wide variety of quality accommodations at varying price points, a host of attractions and exciting calendar of festivals make Anguilla an alluring and entrancing destination.

Anguilla lies just off the beaten path, so it has retained a charming character and appeal. Yet because it can be conveniently reached from two major gateways: Puerto Rico and St. Martin, and by private air, it’s a hop and a skip away.

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