Fighting to Preserve the “Wonders of the Ocean”

In a recent press call in the UK, the Seychelles Minister for Tourism, Ports and Marine, Mr. Didier Dogley and the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) Chief Executive, Mrs. Sherin Francis reiterated the Seychelles’ commitment to fighting climate change.

Walking the talk on its shores and reminding its local and international stakeholders of the devastating effects of global warming, the Seychelles Tourism Board in collaboration with various partners organised another successful edition of the Seychelles Ocean Festival celebrating the “Wonders of the Ocean.”

The festivities celebrated during the weekend of November 22, 2019 concluded at Beau Vallon Beach on Sunday November 24, 2019 carried various activities revolving around our ocean and its fragile beauty, whilst raising the awareness and importance of its conservation.

Through a series of activities, the Seychelles Ocean Festival gave the public the opportunity to reflect on the harm perpetrated on the ocean and its various actions being done to alleviate its side effects for future generations.
From the screening of two short videos at the launching ceremony featuring the Aldabra clean-up project, “Island under siege”, through the experience of Seychelles Island Foundation’s representative Mr. Jeremy Raguain and the presentation of the Nekton Mission, and a testimonial by one of their representatives, Ms. Sheena Talma.

To the Raft Race for Charity, organised by Seychelles National Parks Authority and Global Vision International in collaboration with STB, took place at Cap Ternay beach where some 20 rafts from various organisations competed against one another.

The main sensitization, with the presence of several NGOs and agencies showcasing their causes and sustainable efforts, was on Sunday during the Fun day, focussed on educating the public on how they can contribute to the conservation of the ocean and interacting with them through games and quizzes.

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The NGOs present included Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation, Parley for the ocean, Belliche, Nature Seychelles, Global Vision International, Green Islands Foundation and Blue Finance. Other agencies included Ministry of Education, Ministry of Environment and Blue Economy. Interviews with these NGOs, agencies, and CEOs were broadcasted live with K-Radio as part of a public awareness campaign, spreading the conservation cause and the roles of the organisations present.

The Festival concluded with a prize-giving ceremony on Monday 25th at Seychelles Institute for Teacher’s Education, for the SOF Art and Creative Writing Competition which involved participation from primary and secondary schools all over the Island.

In the age of climate change, raising awareness about the importance of our delicate marine life and its preservation has become more crucial, and the Seychelles Ocean Festival provides the perfect platform to achieve this.

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