Dr. Taleb Rifai has a message for Africa

Former UNWTO Secretary-General Dr. Taleb Rifai today issued this statement when joining the African Tourism Board as their Patron.

Travel & Tourism Today is a powerful economic sector affecting and changing the lives of Billions of people around the world , but , beyond the numbers and the economic benefits of Generating $ 3.4 billion of global spending every DAY , Creating 1/10 jobs all over the world , and Representing 10.4 % of world GDP , Travell and Tourism, is today a major contributor to much more significant change and transformation that slowly and gradually is bringing us together, as humans, like never before. We and Africa are ONE in today’s world. Travel has connected us back to where it all started.


In today’s world, I would like to believe that, the transformative power of Travel and Tourism, When well managed and utilized, is a cornerstone in establishing world peace and in turn a better world, for people and planet,
Protecting our cultural and natural heritage, Empowering local communities. Breaking down stereotypes enabling us to experience, enjoy and celebrate the beauty of our rich cultural diversity,

These are indeed some of tourism’s contributions to MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE.

Just imagine what that means to Africa.
Mark Twain summed it up pretty well when he said
“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”

Travel, my friends, opens minds, open eyes, and open hearts. We became better people when we travel

That is why it’s a great honor for me to have joined ATB . It’s my, our opportunity to pay back to Africa, our motherland, the birthplace of mankind, a long-standing debt that we all owe 

Come join us let us make Africa ONE again and, be ONE with Africa 


About African Tourism Board:

  • Philosophy:
    Tourism as a Catalyst for Unity, Peace, Growth, Prosperity, Job Creation for the People of Africa
  • Vision:
    Where Africa becomes ONE tourism destination in the WORLD
  • Code of Ethics:
    ATB supports the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism which highlights the “decisive and central” role of UNWTO, as recognized by the General Assembly of the United Nations, in promoting and developing tourism with a view to contributing to economic development, international understanding, peace, prosperity, and universal respect for, and observance of human rights, and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction and without any form of discriminations.
  • The  Board provides leadership and counsel on an individual and collective basis to its member organizations.
  • The African Tourism Board provides an effective platform for both the public and private sector to engage and reach out.

More information on African Tourism Board is available on www.africantourismboard.com

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