Seychelles launches a new technology platform to process travel authorization

Seychelles has launched a new technology to facilitate the collection and analysis of traveler information ahead of their trip to the Indian Ocean islands, to ensure the re-opening of the borders in the safest manner.

The new technology – launched in collaboration with Swiss Company Travizory – allows the Seychelles health authorities to collect identity and health information directly from the traveler via the easy-to-use web version and mobile apps. The information is fed securely into a single system, providing advance information about all travelers wishing to travel to Seychelles.

The system gives authorities the capability to run rapid and efficient vetting procedures to minimize COVID-19 risks and other security risks. In short, it removes the guesswork for airlines at check-in and boarding and most importantly, it makes the passenger journey smoother and provides more peace of mind.

This new visitor management platform replaces the current email and form-based system, which were cumbersome for travelers and airlines, as well as the local authorities.

In a few simple steps, travelers can apply from their mobile phone via Android or iOS apps or on the web in about 5 minutes. Travelers will receive a clear response on their eligibility to travel in the form of a secure barcode, also available as a wallet pass, which they can present at check-in and boarding.

The application for the Seychelles Health Travel Authorization (HTA) is now a crucial step to travelling to Seychelles as, without the HTA, a traveler will not be able to board the plane to the destination.

Each individual is required to apply separately for an HTA. For children under the age of 18, the legal guardian, parent or accompanying adult is responsible for completing the application.

The first step would require one to fill out the application and ensure all data are entered correctly. After submitting the application, the traveler will receive automatic emails confirming reception of application and payment. A 45€ fee will be charged per application.

Another email will confirm the approval or refusal of the application. In the event of a refusal, the traveler will not be allowed to travel for the moment.

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If the application has been approved, the traveler will need to download the document to his mobile phone device and save it in the HTA mobile app. This is the travel authorization that needs to be shown at the departure and arrival points.

It is important to note that the traveler needs to be in possession of a negative PCR test before submitting an application.

The HTA is valid for one journey only and must be repeated for each journey.

The Seychelles authorities have established a list of countries that are allowed entrance to Seychelles. Please visit the following link to find out if you are eligible for travel authorization to Seychelles:

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