Sandals Resorts Celebrates World Environment Day with EarthCheck

World Environment Day, June 5, 2020, is the United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect the environment. At Sandals Resorts & Beaches, environment day is promoted not just on this day, but all 365 days of the year.

All Sandals Resorts participate in the EarthCheck benchmarking and certification program. From recycling to conserving, ecological responsiveness is a Sandals commitment. Because its “green” resorts are made for love, loving the environment has become second nature.

World Environment Day: Sandals Resorts EarthCheck Commitment

The EarthCheck program

The mission of Sandals Resorts & Beaches is to offer the ultimate Caribbean vacation experience by innovatively, reliably, and consistently providing the safest and highest quality services and facilities to guests, while attaching a premium to human resources and being among the most eco-friendly and community-friendly resorts in the hospitality industry.

World Environment Day: Sandals Resorts EarthCheck Commitment

The Oceanic Standard

The Oceanic Standard (TOS) is a comprehensive guide to implementing sustainable practices in the hospitality industry, with a focus on reducing single-use plastics. Oceanic Global, the force behind TOS, awards businesses who have achieved certain levels of commitment in adopting sustainable practices with a series of badges to denote their dedication to conservation and eco-friendly initiatives. Sandals resorts are proud to have received the distinction of Sustainability Steward and Straw-Free Certified.

Sound Environmental Practices

The Sandals Group is committed to preserving natural resources and providing quality vacation experiences for its guests while working to minimize the environmental and social impacts associated with operations.

Staff Awareness

Team members participate in workshops and seminars conducted by the environmental committee, local government organizations, and also by non-governmental environmental organizations.

Water Conservation Program

Monitoring of total water use on properties (pools, guestrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and garden areas) are consistently conducted.

Energy Management Program

Use of timers on electrical equipment such as whirlpools, steam rooms at the spa, outdoor lighting for walkways, and refrigeration equipment in the kitchens, helps to save energy automatically.

Waste Management Program

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Waste disposal practices and procedures at Sandals resorts such as the recycling of linen and bedspreads, food, office paper, and packages, is part of a normal work-day practice.

Control of Hazardous Substances

Sandals Resorts & Beaches determines suitability of all product before any purchase is made and provides full training for staff whenever new chemicals or equipment are purchased for use in the hotel.

Social & Cultural Development

In support of local culture and development, Sandals promotes and sells local tours and attractions with special recognition of “green tours” at its tour desks. Sandals Resorts invites local craft vendors to its properties to display and sell their craft items – appreciated by guests as well as artisans.

The Final Straw

Every Sandals Resort has eliminated single-use plastic straws and stirrers used across its resorts. Eco-friendly paper straws are available upon request.

Eliminating Styrofoam

Every Sandals Resort has eliminated Styrofoam used across its resorts. This is just another way Sandals reduces its environmental footprint and improves the health of Caribbean communities.

The Sandals Foundation

Sandals’ philanthropic arm, the Sandals Foundation, continues to promote programs which focus on the betterment of the environment, education, and the community as its contribution to sustainable development in a fragile environment.


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