Nature and Sustainability: Inspiration From the Seychelles Islands

The Seychelles Islands, an extraordinary destination renowned for its beauty, botanical variety and geological and ecological importance, have long been a source of enchantment and wonder. These sentiments are at the heart of George Camille’s artistic creations, now on display at the 28 Piazza di Pietra Fine Art Gallery in Rome from 9th to 30th June 2023.

The art show, which opened on June 8th, is backed by Tourism Seychelles and takes viewers on a journey into the emotional universe of the artist. Camille’s exhibition is an ode to the Seychelles Islands – an idyllic paradise to be discovered, respected and protected.

At the event’s start, Danielle Di Gianvito, Tourism Seychelles’ Italian market representative, said, “We are thrilled to take our potential tourists on such a magnificent voyage of discovery of Seychelles to entice them to visit the beautiful location and enjoy its great cultural/artistic scene and attractions. After all, Seychelles is so much more than sea, beaches, and nature.”

Regarded as the most significant and versatile artist in Seychelles, George Camille places nature and the complex relationship with man at the centre of his artistic reflection through a personal iconographic universe in which the human being, the fish, the gecko, the leaf, water and the turtle appear repeatedly. Camille’s art goes beyond the narration of his country and traditions, offering a lucid and careful reflection on the world, nature, our relationship with it, and our (in) sustainable approach.

Camille’s pictorial universe is made of stories steeped in Water and Earth: deep blues, moments of everyday life with men and women caught unaware in their daily routines, roosters, geese, and birds, inhabiting canvases and pictorial surfaces.

Throughout his work, color emerges as a powerful and vibrant force, celebrating the deep blue hues of the ocean’s depths and the lush greenery of the dense forests—a hymn to the remarkable environmental diversity found in the islands.

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As both an artist and skillful craftsman, Camille adeptly explores different formats and experiments with various artistic techniques. He displays a rare ability in the use of various mediums, from painting on canvas with acrylic, collage, graphics and engraving on paper and copper, watercolor, sculpture, and installation, up to his experiments with fabric, the use and interweaving of metal wires, and the reuse of abandoned objects.

Reflecting on the event’s sponsorship, Mrs. Bernadette Willemin, Director General for Destination Marketing, explains, “It was important for us to support this event because we recognize the Italian market’s appreciation for artistic beauty. It is our way of contributing to the destination via the work of this well-known Seychellois artist. We were told that the premiere event was a huge success, and we wish Mr. Camille the best of luck with the rest of his show.”

Curated by Gina Ingrassia, the exhibition is promoted by Tourism Seychelles in Italy and George Camille Art Studio, with the general coordination overseen by Pandion Edizioni and Inmagina and supported by Comediarting. Partners include Etihad Airways, Four Seasons Natura e Cultura tour operator, and the National Art and Culture Fund (NACF). The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue published by Pandion Edizioni.

While George Camille’s art has garnered recognition in Italy through his participation in the Venice Biennale in 2015, 2017, and 2019, this solo exhibition marks his debut in the country’s capital. It presents a carefully curated selection of his works, encompassing new and recent pieces alongside his earlier and well-known productions, providing insight into the artist’s roots and profound connection with his homeland.

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