Must-Know Tahiti Activities and Attractions

If you want to gather information about different activities and attractions in Tahiti, the write-up can be helpful. Read through the below list and start planning from today.

Tasting exquisite Tahitian cuisines

When you are in Tahiti, it is criminal not to eat the exotic local cuisines from a string of restaurants. The mouth-watering taste of the food will engross you in a few moments. The Tahitian-special raw fish preparation in a marinade, blending in coconut milk and fresh lemon sauce. You can also order the Mahi dish. It is an excellent meat-based meal that has vanilla and coconut sauce. Tasting such dishes is among the principal Tahiti attraction activities.

Diving in turquoise sea-waters

The Tahiti beaches are captivating with their scenic beauty. You can avail of the provisions of engaging in diving adventures. It is one of the Best Tahiti attractions activities. The mystic, turquoise waters of the sea will enthrall you with a sparkling effect. If you enjoy something more than swimming, you can opt for scuba diving. You can explore the coral reefs and exotic underwater life.

Visiting the famous Pearl Farm

You must make it a top priority to visit the fascinating Pearl Farm in Tahiti. The setting will astonish you with its collection of rare black pearls. Numerous shades are available on the farm, such as gray, blue, and aubergine. If you wish, then you can purchase the pearls if the budget permits. The price of a pearl mainly depends on its size, gloss, and uniformity.

Surfing in ocean waters

Seasoned globe-trotters regard Tahiti as one of the best destinations for surfing activities. If you plan to surf in Tahitian waters, then visit the place either on the onset of summer during April or during autumn in October. The ‘Point Venus’ is the primary location for novice surfers. Don’t forget to perform the activity under someone’s guidance.

Opting Spa services

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If you want to relax in the exotic island country, go for spa services in a luxury bungalow. After traveling across the place, when you return to the resort, you want to flex muscles. Top-notch resorts and five-star hotels always have excellent provisions of spa services. The experienced professionals provide you the perfect spa sessions that reduce your tiredness. You feel a freshness and energetic after the session.

Visiting Moorea

Never miss visiting Moorea when you travel to Tahiti. The place has flourishing tropical forests. The unique flora and fauna of the region will enchant you with their beauty. Touring the site on a 4 X 4 truck is an exciting experience. From the top of the Magic Mountain, you can click amazing photographs of the lagoons below, twinkling like bluish jewels.

Visiting the Papeete market

Roaming around the Papeete market and shopping should be on your list. You can buy beautiful handicraft products and other local things in the market at low prices.

Go for a memorable trip

The above points coherently provide you with some basic ideas about the different activities you can do in Tahiti. You can choose all of those or any combination of activities to have a memorable trip.


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