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Right next to the city in Hong Kong, nature is closer than one might think. Shining a light on this perhaps unknown wonder, the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has launched “360° Hong Kong Moments” virtually opening the city to the world. The extraordinary content of this virtual reality film reminds travel-hungry and future visitors what a wonderful and all-encompassing destination Hong Kong is. Watch the HKTB’s 360-degree VR film online to immerse yourself in Hong Kong’s natural scenery: The first in the series of 360° Hong Kong Moments was created especially to highlight Hong Kong’s great outdoors. The virtual reality adventure takes viewers on an immersive journey across Hong Kong’s surprisingly easy-to-access green territory. While engaged in the film, one can gaze at the mesmerizing skyline from atop stunning mountains and listen to the soothing sounds of a waterfall.
Hong Kong Opens Globally with New 360° Virtual Reality
From the city to the mountains, and from the coastlines to the parks, the stunning footage fully immerses viewers in the rhythms and sensations of Hong Kong’s green lungs, bringing global audiences as close to Hong Kong as possible – no matter where they are in the world.
Hong Kong Opens Globally with New 360° Virtual Reality


Hong Kong is home to a mind-blowing UNESCO World Heritage area known as Global Geopark. It is full of wild coastlines and ancient formations with rugged islands dotted around the coast. Visitors can take ferries or hire boats to visit most of the beaches and observe up close and touch the striking rock formations. Some are so wild, it is only possible to view them from the safety of the craft. At Double Haven is a pristine group of islands surrounded by clear waters that feels more like the South Pacific than Hong Kong. Simply take a ferry from Ma Liu Shui to Kat O to start exploring this unique green and blue wonder.
Hong Kong Opens Globally with New 360° Virtual Reality


At Eagle’s Nest Nature Trail, visitors can literally take a walk on the wild side through this shaded trail inside Lion Rock Country Park. The trail takes you just high enough to take in expansive views over the Kowloon Reservoir, the central New Territories mountain range, and bustling Kowloon Peninsula. Up close along the trail, see stunning flora and bird life – it is the roosting place for Black Kites – and some monkey business, too! Completed in 1910, the Kowloon Reservoir was the first in the New Territories and has a unique curved design. Climbing up Golden Hill Road and Piper’s Hill Road is how one reaches Eagle’s Nest Nature Trail. This trail follows along a stream and lead up an easy stone path.
Hong Kong Opens Globally with New 360° Virtual Reality


On a bike, that is, with a leisurely bike ride through cultural and recreation sites from Yuen Long to Butterfly Beach. From the center of Yuen Long, this easy ride to the seaside at Tuen Mun offers an encounter with Hong Kong’s countryside and new towns, taking in the area’s cultural heritage on cycle tracks almost all the way. Wu Shan Recreation Playground invites you to reconnect with your inner child and take a spin as the beckoning sea air wafts through the trees. While biking, one can stop at the delightful Butterfly Beach Park and enjoy the sand and rolling waves.
Hong Kong Opens Globally with New 360° Virtual Reality


From swimming in the clear waters to paddling along the surface of the cool sea, water experiences are sure to literally quench the travel-thirsty soul. Visitors can also take a short hike at Sharp Island located in the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark. This tiny elongated island is home to geological spectacles created 140 million years ago. It is perfect for visitors to enjoy natural wonders and take a dip in the sea all in one go. It’s easy to rent a kayak from Sha Ha Beach and paddle over to one of the many beaches on Sharp Island for a relaxing day lazing on the silky sand and soaking your feet in the clear blue water, especially when it’s done virtually! And Kiu Tsui Beach which combines boulders with soft sand is a great spot for more water fun such as scuba diving, kayaking, swimming, and even out-of-the-water sunbathing.
Hong Kong Opens Globally with New 360° Virtual Reality


Did you ever in your wildest dreams imagine sleeping under the stars in Hong Kong? There are many beautiful places to pitch a tent and camp for the night or a weekend from beaches to hillside spots. Are you a sunset lover? Then head to Ham Tin Wan, one of four beaches along the MacLehose Trail, for night of beachfront camping. The other beaches – Sai Wan, Tai Wan, and Tung Wan – are all easy to reach along short trails that are part of Tai Long Wan with its stunning feasts for the eyes on the eastern side of Sai Kung Country Park. The niceties of this location is the facilities available where one can rent surfboards along with tents and sleeping bags. Want to enjoy a cozy fire? Just pick up some firewood at the on-site store and even enjoy a bite to eat at the restaurant.
Hong Kong Opens Globally with New 360° Virtual Reality


No virtual journey would be complete without being able to savor the taste of traditional local dishes connecting visitors to the cultural heritage. Hong Kong is full of evocative smells that imprint themselves on the mind as savory and delectable memories. Hiking routes often lead to ancient fishing villages where visitors may meander through the markets and food stalls, all the while being led by the wonderful aromas. Lamma is Hong Kong’s third largest island and is packed with restaurants from traditional seafood to modern Western cuisines. It is a short and easy hike and will deliver a symphony of flavors at casual seafood eateries. The island is filled with a free-spirited multicultural vibe and is home to hipsters and creative types – a delight not only for the tastebuds but for the spirit as well. And that is a wonderful way to describe what the “green life” has to offer in Hong Kong. It is a feast for the senses and a dose of rejuvenation for the mind and body. For more information about Great Outdoors Hong Kong, please visit: https://www.discoverhongkong.com/eng/explore/great-outdoor.html #rebuildingtravel

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