AP Digital – Technology which is integral to the Amistad Partners business

AP Digital is not just a CRM tool, it’s a client portal, agent portal, professional services automation platform, contract manager and a virtual assistant. AP Digital is delivered via a web and app-based experience.

AP Digital is not a bolt-on or after thought, it embodies how Amistad Partners (AP) does business, engages with clients and delivers value.

Our client and agent portals are designed with the captive audience in mind, at AP, we embrace digital transformation, we know and value the importance of transparency and time-critical delivery. Our portals are designed to engage its audience and provide all information or feedback required in real-time. Our digital journey focuses on machine interaction, augmented by our capable resource of individuals delivering value by proactively engaging in client value-add activities.

At AP, we eat our own dog food, AP Digital is the beating heart of our business, every AP engagement is measured in minute detail to gauge the effectiveness of our delivery, efficiency of your dedicated team, client feedback and assessment to drive continual improvement and also, AP engagement profitability. We are in the business of delivering value to our clients and in turn, realise reward through growth hence these key measures provided by AP Digital are critical and truly transformative to our business.

AP is taking a disruptive approach to representation by ensuring that through partnerships, we deliver the best in class expertise regionally, at all times. We go further in proving our ethos of transparency, very key to our Chairman and in AP DNA, by providing our clients with as much visibility of the engagement lifecycle as possible, this is triggered at the contract review stage where clients interact directly with AP Digital. Through the engagement lifecycle, clients can measure the health of their contracts, overall expenditure and importantly, receive alerts on renewals to enable clients to plan better. We said we believe in transparency and we live it, at AP, we do not auto-renew contracts but instead, work with our clients in a collaborative way to ensure their needs are met.

AP Digital’s agile approach means it’s always evolving through the addition of new features and fine-tuning existing capabilities based on feedback, however, the key tenants that drive the design remain the same. A major component of AP Digital’s vision is a Digital Assistant that plugs into our website www.amistadpartners.com.

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We appreciate our potential clients have busy lives and schedules and may not necessary want to be quizzed in meetings about their business to gauge whether there is synergy with AP, that’s where our AP Digital Assistant comes in. Answer a few questions about your business or property and the segments and regions you are interested in and AP Digital will benchmark your performance against your competitor set, providing re-assurance of your strategy and also insight into potential areas of improvement. This process takes less that 15 minutes with no human interaction and, no contact if you prefer not to be contacted but if you do, let’s have a conversation.

AP Digital is truly transformative in how Amistad Partners does business, technology is integral to the AP business and we hope you can join us in this truly disruptive, transformative and exciting experience.

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