Why Airline Meal Doesn’t Taste Great?

Most of you have experienced that while settling in a cross-country flight, you order one of your favourite drinks during the flight, but as soon as you take the first sip, it tastes very different to like it normally tastes. Similarly, the food that is being served on the plane also tastes considerably different than the ground food. I will be sharing a few tricks through this article, that can help you to maintain the flavours while being on the plane.

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Taste buds are affected by altitude

One of the biggest reasons that food served on the plane is tasted different is we consume it at an incredible high altitude. Your taste buds at an altitude of 39,000 feet do not work as well as on the ground. Keeping this in mind, airlines mostly test out their menus in the air first before finally serving them in their regular scheduled flights.

Meals are prepared in large quantity

Airplane meals are not prepared for just one planeload of diners, but the food is prepared for thousands of passengers at once. All of us know very well that we have to compromise on flavour when food is prepared in mass quantity.

Plastic cutlery necessitates overcooked foods

Plastic cutlery is served in the economy class; hence your dining experience can never go well with that.  To make it easier for the passengers, the food is overcooked to make it softer enough so that it can be easily cut with flimsy utensils.

Our taste bud is affected by tiredness

While travelling on a long-hauled flight, most probably you board the plane, you have been up since early morning or have already done a full day. You feel very tired and want to sleep as soon as you step in the aircraft, and then you suddenly hear the rumble of the trolley coming closer to you; nothing tastes particularly good when your body wants to rest.

Poor-quality ingredients to save the airline money

Every airline aims to earn as much as possible from the ticket prices and to spend lesser on the food is the best way to do that. The most common practice to achieve so, is going with the inexpensive and poor quality ingredients, ultimately resulting in a tasteless meal. Cheap ingredients never taste better, whether you are trying them on the plane or ground.

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Reheated food is served

All airline meals are cooked on the ground, meaning the meal served on board is cooked, packed and refrigerated before reaching the plane. The food is reheated in the over after the plane takes off. It is very obvious that reheated food can never taste good like freshly prepared.

Cold dishes are also prepared in advance

Not only the food is prepared hours ahead of the flight, but the cold dishes like salads are also not served freshly and is also prepared plenty of time before the plane departs.

Tomato juice tastes a lot better

Most of the food tastes bad on the plane, but tomato juice is tasted better to most of the passengers.  It has quite an earthy flavour while on the ground, but when up, the dry cabin air makes it taste more light and fresh.

Some of the more reasons include:

  • Food taste varies greatly between different airlines
  • Unnecessary sauces are added in the food
  • Due to dehydration, even the tastier food might not taste good to you
  • When you are sitting back in the plane, the most interesting items are picked by the passengers sitting in front of you, hence leaving you to choice between the limited option
  • Air travel is often associated with stress and discomfort, it also contributes a lot if you usually do not enjoy food being on board

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