Undiscovered Taipei at OTDYKH LEISURE Moscow 2019

25th International Trade Fair for Travel & Tourism

Taipei is a place of numerous renowned unique features and highlight attractions. Topping the list is the famed Taipei 101 tower, its amazingly rich culinary scene and superb array of high tech-integrated service facilities. From old-city district to districts defined by fast pace and a rush to the future, and from destinations of natural scenery to the trendiest shopping malls, you can find it all in Taipei. Within an hour from downtown, let’s begin a natural-ecology exploration in a national park. Traditional culture and arts live in symbiosis with the hottest in tech trends. It all adds up to the most novel of city travel experiences. Beyond its fascinating history and its comforting, easy-to-use services, what invariably impresses visiting travelers most is the city’s welcoming warmth. The friendly people of fast-paced Taipei are always more than happy to stop whatever they are doing to help a visitor, welcoming the traveler to their city, their home.

Whether you’re exploring Taipei for the first time or on a repeat visit, marvelous new discoveries await around every corner. Novelty is an intrinsic part of the Taipei character, for perpetual action and movement are built into this city’s DNA, matching the DNA-level friendliness and hospitality. In order to make Taipei a must-visit city for both local and international tourists, Taipei continuously reaches out to communicate with the wide world and provides the latest in travel modes and unique innovative ideas, increasing its international visibility and degree of differentiation from other Asian cities. At the same time, the tourism and related industries have been brought together in the creation of cross-boundary, cross-industry tourism development targets. Innovation is married harmoniously with tradition, and within this innovation Taipei’s cultural heritage survives and thrives. We sincerely invite you to come visit and explore “Undiscovered Taipei,” a Taipei you’ve never seen before. Let’s tag Taipei to your list of “must-visit” travel destinations when you come to Asia.        

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We are very excited to have the opportunity to introduce Taipei to you at OTDYKH LEISURE 2019, 25th International Trade Fair for Travel & Tourism. At our Taipei Pavilion for this event we have specially brought along iconic Taipei gift & souvenir food treats for guests to sample, and have also arranged unique cultural-creative experience activities at the pavilion to help guests get to know Taipei better. If interested in learning more about Taipei’s tourism resources, you are kindly invited to drop by our booth at OTDYKH Leisure 2019, Moscow, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Pavilion 2, Hall 1.

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