U.S. Election Determines Future of Travel to Cuba by Americans

In the view of the US/Cuba Travel Network, the US election on November 3 is an inescapable watershed for US travel advisors, tour operators, cruise companies and airlines that wish to send clients to Cuba.

The Network has contrasted the policies of President Donald Trump with promises made by his opponent Joe Biden. https://tinyurl.com/CubaPres

Network coordinator John McAuliff said, “Americans will vote for President based on many issues. We recognize that for most people US relations with Cuba are not a priority. However no one in the travel industry can afford to be ignorant of the consequences of the election for potential business with Cuba.”

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McAuliff noted, “President Trump has terminated virtually every form of legal travel by Americans to Cuba and destroyed a growing market for US providers. Joe Biden has promised to restore the openings President Obama created with Cuba that made it in increasingly important segment of the Caribbean market.”

For further information, contact John McAuliff, [email protected] , 1-917-859-9025

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