Tried and tested: Romanian travel influencer experiences Seychelles during the pandemic

Travel influencer and Tourism Marketer Razvan Pascu just can’t stay away from the Seychelles. He tells us how his holiday to the paradise islands in the Indian Ocean went this past May.

Travelling to Seychelles for the third time, Razvan Pascu is truly a lover and ambassador of the Indian Ocean islands. He discovered the destination on his honeymoon almost seven years ago but felt compelled to return to the pristine paradise in February 2020, right before the pandemic. Again this year her returned to experience it some more!


Razvan recalls his honeymoon some seven years ago in Seychelles, reminiscing about the beautiful memories shared with his beautiful bride Andra and how the island paradise was the perfect choice for an incredible, meaningful experience. They stepped on a new path in their journey together by discovering every hiking trail, basking in the sun on the best beaches and exploring the beautiful historical sites around the islands. They did what young couples do; open their hearts to new adventures and fell in love forever with the islands of Praslin and La Digue.

In February 2020, the Pascus returned to the Seychelles, this time they were four – with their kids who were six and three in tow. This was an opportunity to see the destination through a new perspective, Razvan recalls. As a young couple, they feel that Seychelles can be the ultimate romantic rendezvous which does not lose any of its charms when enjoying it as a family destination.

The Pascus say their children were mesmerized by the destination and what it offers, and their family created a lifetime of memories to cherish forever.

“The tortoises, the beaches, the food, the greenery everywhere, the peace and chilled atmosphere together with the lovely sunsets made our family holiday perfect. It was just before the COVID-19 situation escalated worldwide and for many months, while experiencing lockdowns and dreadful news from all over the world, we fed our souls with memories and pictures of Seychelles,” says Razvan.

Seychelles is “the” place to be

Having experienced the destination before the pandemic, Razvan knew that with its isolated features, Seychelles would make the perfect escape for people in search of a much-needed getaway during those dreadful times.

Two charters and 300 Romanians later, Razvan fulfilled his dream of sharing the Indian Ocean Paradise with his compatriots. He was instrumental in initiating the recent charters to Seychelles and, unable to stay away from his dream destination, was also on the first flight arriving from Bucharest with his family for his third holiday on these unforgettable islands.

“One thing that came out of this pandemic is that dream destinations like Seychelles are closer to people’s hearts and minds,” says the travel expert.

…and After

Razvan mentions that during the past months, he has travelled to Mexico, the Maldives and Jordan. He got his vaccine and faithfully respected the rules and health protocols that each country applies for tourists.

Reviewing the measures in Seychelles, he says that the rules remain within the limits enforced in other countries and that these did not spoil the fun for him or his family while vacationing on the islands.

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Reinforced sanitary measures

It is reassuring to see the protocols in place for the safety of guests in the different places of attractions, Razvan admits. Easy access to disinfectants everywhere and temperature checks upon entry at any building give visitors a sense of comfort and peace of mind, especially when one is accompanied by children.

Mandatory wearing of masks

The wearing of masks at all times in public areas unless one is drinking or eating is highly understandable since it involves everyone’s safety, says Razvan.

Social distancing

As for the rest of their holiday, Razvan and his family remained in their small group, enjoying their activities in the amazing Seychelles’ nature or trying out new experiences with tourism-certified providers. After all, Seychelles is known for its picture-perfect locations and pristine natural beauty and it is home to some of the most world-renowned flora and fauna. Better not miss a thing!

“Of course, measures to keep everyone, ourselves as well as our hosts, safe are necessary and discipline is needed from everyone. As a constant traveler, I know measures are in place in each country as a means to remain open for tourism. If we do not implement them, we will be the ones to lose. Just look at how long we had to stay at home unable to travel or see people,” he says.

Keen nature lovers, the family says that Seychelles will always remain on their bucket list as the destination has some kind of therapeutic effect on their minds, especially after this past year where people have been forced to stay in prolonged lockdowns.

Razvan says that he could come back repeatedly and still find new places to fall in love with, new spots to explore, and new things to do…. Just like paradise.

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