Top Things To Do In NYC With Kids

Although it is noisy and eventful, New York is a wonderful place. There are many exciting things to do in NYC with kids. Central Park, for starters, is filled with playgrounds and fun activities. Diving a little bit deeper, you will discover some exciting things to do in NYC such as museums, many theaters for kids, and other recreational facilities such as ice skating and even swimming pools.

In this article, you will find special things to do in New York with your kids.

Visit the Museums

There are many kids’ museums in New York; starting from popular places such as the American Museum of Natural History, to different places such as the Intrepid Sea, and the Air and Space Museum. Regardless of your kids’ hobbies, it is easy to find special things to do in NYC with kids. The kids will be soon preoccupied. Some of the best museums in New York are the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, Brooklyn’s Children’s Museum, DiMenna Children’s History Museum, Children’s Museum of the Arts, and many more.

• Take a Hike

If your kids love the outdoors, taking a walk should be among the special things to do in New York. Late spring is an ideal season for hiking; before summer takes control. There are several places with special things to do in New York where you can take off hiking and enjoy.
Some of the best are Bear Mountain State Park, Harriman State Park, Minnewaska State Park Preserve, Rockefeller State Park Preserve, Walkway-Over the Hudson State Historic Park, and many more.

• Enjoy the Playgrounds

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After the tour to the museums or hike, it would be wonderful to take your children to a playground. Your kids will be grateful. You can also visit during the summer to cool off. These parks are packed with an assortment of kids’ activities and adventures like water sprays, slides and swings, jungle gyms, and many more. Some cool playgrounds to visit are Domino Park, Digilio Playground, Bernard Family Playground, Scylla Playground, 30th St. Beach, Hunter’s Point South Park, and many more.

• Tour the City

There are many structures to view in New York. Some buildings are tall and give a magnificent bird’s eye view of the city, while others have an elegant design that charms the eye.
Some of the most magnificent buildings in New York include the Chrysler building, the Empire State building, the Flatiron building, the Grand Central Terminal, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and others like the Trinity Church.

• Visit a Halloween Park

How would your kids love visiting a costume party? Among the many exciting things to do in NYC, children can also attend Halloween parties. Your kids can enjoy weird costumes themed on games, movies, and stories, and snacks from whole foods to ice-creams. At times, your kids can walk away with cool bags of treats from LEGO, BLICK ART materials, and other major sponsors.

Other places to visit during the festival are the Gracie Mansion Halloween, Halloween in Prospect Park, CMOM’s Halloween celebration, Haunted Halloween Gingerbread Workshop, Halloween Extravaganza and Procession of the Ghouls, Halloween Harvest Festival, and many more.

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