Top 10 Places to Visit in French Riviera

  1. Marseille – One of the top places to visit along the French Riviera is Marseille. As the largest port in France, and one with the oldest cities still standing, this area from the country offers beaches, hawaiian isle climate, and plenty to determine and do no matter what your budget may look like.
  2. Cannes – Cannes is one of the most world-renowned spots in France, with thanks to the Cannes Film Festival thats liable to bring in celebrities yet others from around the world. Gorgeous tropical beaches take on historical sites and fascinating architecture, making Cannes one in the top places to go to along this portion of France.
  3. St. Tropez – One in the hotspots across the is St. Tropez, a vacation spot known for glitz and glamour, where the famous and rich stay and play. The exquisite ocean views, turquoise waters, and mild warm climate all combine to make this area a tropical getaway ideal for anybody and then any budget.
  4. Nice – One from the larger cities along the French Riviera, Nice is really a world renown destination for anyone on the honeymoon, or anyone who enjoys nature and gorgeous scenery. Tropical sunsets, warm white sand beaches, and many restaurants, bars, and also other establishments get this city very visitor friendly.
  5. Juan les Pins – Juan les Pins can be a smaller city across the coast of France, but it is often a very popular destination for visitors. The lively nightlife in the area combine with a warm and friendly population, hawaiian isle setting, and gorgeous scenery to have an unforgettable vacation.
  6. Antibes – One with the top places to see along this Riviera is the city of Antibes. The summer is a time if this city comes complete with visitors all over Europe, and also the world, that serves to want to visit in the off-season. One day on this historic and gorgeous location and you may quickly understand why Antibes is one with the top ten.
  7. Monaco – One in the most famous destinations down the French Riviera, Monaco is most well-recognized for casinos, royalty, along with the Princess Grace Kelly, who started like a celeb before marrying royalty. Monaco offers a variety of activities besides gambling, both on land and in the lake, and it’s also one in the top destinations in el born area for tourists.
  8. Cap Ferrat – With some with the most breathtaking views along with a tranquility not seen in numerous avenues, Cap Ferrat is one with the top places to visit in this part of France. Numerous gardens as well as a port are a few in the attractions, and the sun and beaches may also be common reasons why visitors choose this area for vacation.
  9. Vence – Located in the eastern part from the Cote d’Azure, Vence has much to offer and also this is the reason why it can be one of the top. A thriving community of artisans has made this location popular, and also the lush vegetation alongside tropical beaches is really a splendid contrast.
  10. Beaulieu-Sur-Me – Situated a short distance from Nice, Beaulieu-Sur-Me is located along the coast from the French Riviera. The seaside town is nestled among majestic mountains and natural splendor that’s amazing. The scenery alone makes this destination a top ten to see while in France.

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