The Perfect Cycling Backpacks for Daily Commuting

While there are various luxurious ways to travel daily some prefer to sweat it out and reach their favoured destination. Maybe it’s the new found reason to boost health or simply to avoid long queues in traffic, whatever the reason cycling has emerged as a popular option for daily commuters. There are alternative means of carrying a load while cycling like adding porteur style front rack. But this could only mean inconvenience while navigating through rush hour traffic. Hence the need for a sturdy backpack is an absolute must for any bicycle.

Things a daily bicycle carries?
Extra clothes, water-bottle, office supplies, laptop, wallet and other electronic gear. The bulk can quickly go out of hand. Hence a backpack that is weatherproof and built with solid material is the apt choice for open road travel.

What happens when you carry a backpack daily to work while cycling?

The major strain occurs in the shoulder, neck and back regions. The muscular skeletal frame comes under strain while riding for long hours with a heavy backpack. Plus there is additional compression towards the wrist and hands from holding the handlebars for balance. There can be sweat built up in a few minutes if the backpack does not have an ergonomic design, thus creating discomfort. The riding posture as well determines how well your back and neck survive from the daily pressure of the commute.

lightweight backpack with a modern touch towards functionality is a good choice for such a situation.

Ideal features for a cyclist backpack:

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To make the commute easier the backpack must have breathable access at the back. A mesh frame that allows sufficient air to pass while riding. This will keep the back cool and avoid dehydration through constant sweating.

Having wide and well-padded hip and chest straps will distribute the weight evenly while cycling. Strong re-enforced stitches to hold the contents of the bag as it jerks along the road while commuting is an absolute must. A slash and shock proof exterior, as well as interior to ensure the safety of the belongings on sudden uneventful impacts, is also a necessity.

A rough shoulder strap that is anti-skid and prevents slipping away while cycling. Also, the adjustable length of the straps to keep the excess weight away from the neck and shoulders. A double shoulder strap backpack is recommended by experts instead of a single sling like a shoulder bag. While riding the weight must be concentrated towards the lower back as this will pull the posture upright. Thus enabling a smooth commute.

Multiple internal pockets to organize and distribute commute things evenly for a lightweight experience. Password locking system and well-built zippers to ensure the contents do not spill out of the bag while cycling.

Touring on your bike daily is an exhilarating exercise, but with ToCode backpacks this becomes an easy task. These backpacks are equipped with all the above compulsory features and a bicycle can trust his/her life with these chic functional backpacks. Afterall ToCode bags are the king of the road.

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