The Best Day Trips From San Jose That You Need To Know

There are many ways you can enjoy your day trips from San Jose Costa Rica. San Jose is the capital city of Costa Rica and it is the home to the main international airport in the country. This means that the city is often the start and end point for most travellers coming to Costa Rica. Once you have discovered the attractiveness of the historic city, a lot of good sites are found in the wider region. It is worth exploring these places and understanding other tourist attractions in the city. If you are planning to spend a few days in San Jose, you should read this article.

Irazu Volcano

Irazu volcano is 55 km from San Jose in Costa Rica. This is approximately a one-hour ten-minute drive. This is one of the most famous sights in Costa Rica and it is an excellent destination for people looking to engage with the staggering natural beauty in the country. You will also be able to see a stunning array of wildlife and take photos for your album. You can see the Pacific and Atlantic oceans on a clear day when viewing from the summit. There are two trails to the accessible craters and both of them are well paved.

While at the Irazu volcano, you can do hiking to the summit for spectacular views of the ocean. You can also visit the main crater and explore the extensive network of pathways that link the craters that make up the volcano. There are many other things you can do during your Irazu volcano day trips from San Jose that have not been mentioned here.


The city of Cartago is 28km from San Jose. This is approximately a 30-minute drive. The city is the former capital city of Costa Rica and it is home to a stunning collection of colonial buildings and a rich history. There are excellent road connections visiting the city of Cartago which makes it one of the best and easiest day trips from San Jose. While in Cartago, you can explore the ruins of the Santiago Apostol Parish Church. The ruins stand half-completed in Cartago as a reminder of the earthquake that happened in 1910 and ended the construction of the church.

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Jaco Beach

If you find the hustle of San Jose to be too much for you, can join the locals and do what they do. You can escape the city during the day and go to Jaco Beach which is 100 km from San Jose. This is approximately a one-hour thirty-minute drive. Jaco Beach is one of the finest beaches in Costa Rica and it has some excellent links to the town and this makes it the perfect destination during the day from San Jose.

Arenal volcano and hot springs

You can make your day trips from San Jose Costa Rica interesting by visiting the impressive Arenal volcano which is also a common destination for travellers. You can combine the visit with the hot springs and experience two activities in one day.

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