The 2023 Mingya Insurance Brokerage Summit is taking place in the beautiful Seychelles

The delegation, comprised of 445 participants, includes key internal staff and sales teams from Mingya Insurance Company.

The first group touched down on Wednesday, December 6, 2023, and the last group arrived on Monday, December 11, 2023, at the Seychelles International Airport before heading to the Club Med Seychelles Resort on Ste-Anne Island. They were met with a warm welcome from the Tourism Seychelles team, accompanied by the melodic sounds of local music, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience in Seychelles.

This event marks the resumption of business with China and represents a unique opportunity for Seychelles to position itself as an attractive MICE destination.

Speaking from the airport, Jean-Luc Lai Lam, Tourism Seychelles Director for the Chinese Market, expressed his excitement about showcasing Seychelles as a prime MICE destination.

“Collaborating with partners from Bravolinks, a bespoke itinerary has been curated, reflecting the essence of the local culture and addressing the specific needs and preferences of the group. The dedication is to ensure that this auspicious event remains an exceptional experience, offering activities such as exploring hidden gems, indulging in local flavors, and engaging in team building against the backdrop of the stunning surroundings,”

The MICE incentive group from China holds significant importance as it marks Seychelles’ first-ever delegation of its size.

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The project aims to benefit Seychelles by establishing a positive image as a desirable MICE destination and attracting future MICE groups from China. Seychelles takes immense pride in hosting global events that not only showcase the beauty of the islands but also positions Seychelles as a premier international conference destination.

Delegates are invited to immerse themselves in the beauty of Seychelles, characterized by its enchanting charms, warm hospitality, and top-notch facilities. The 2023 Mingya Insurance Brokerage Summit is more than mere participation; it’s a journey into the heart of Seychelles’ hospitality and culture.

Mrs. Bernadette Willemin, Director General for Destination Marketing, expressed enthusiasm in welcoming the group for this extraordinary journey of discovering paradise in Seychelles. Moments that transcend the ordinary are created, sharing the unique charms and allure of Seychelles with the delegates, promising a perfect blend of inspiration and relaxation amidst breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cultural treasures.

The 2023 Mingya Insurance Brokerage team is encouraged to immerse themselves in the unique experiences Seychelles offers, creating memories extending far beyond the boardroom. The synergy of minds in this picturesque setting, combined with the warmth and hospitality of Seychelles, is poised to create a lasting impression.
SOURCE: 2023 Mingya Insurance Brokerage Summit Unfolds in Stunning Seychelles 

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