Stay Healthy this Fall Travel Season With Seat Sitters™

DSC09745_preview.jpgGive yourself a layer of defense next time you board an airplane with Seat Sitters™ – a patented kit with a lightweight, 100% recyclable and reusable seat covers for all your travels! With a generous fit for versatility and comfort, this ideal travel companion helps you stay healthy and enjoy your seat. Complete with wipes for the armrests, tray tables and a tray table cover, make your trip a healthy one with Seat Sitters!

It is not fun to think about, but the amount of germs on airplane tray tables, seats and arm rests is shocking! On average, over 8 million people fly every day and the FAA does not regulate the cleaning of planes. What?!? Yes, many planes are cleaned only once every 30 days with germs, MRSA and E. coli living up to a week on these surfaces.  Tray tables and seats are the worst offenders!

Let’s face it, the longer you’re traveling, the more likely you’ll pick up a bug or two. Stay clean and healthy with Seat Sitters:

·       Great to use during cold and flu season

·       Coloring on tray table helps keep kids entertained while traveling

·       Includes one disposable tray table cover, two sanitary wipes and one allergy mask

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·       Makes an excellent guard against contact with peanut and food allergens

·       Black fabric is non-woven, disposable and recyclable

·       Approximate size is 24” x 61”

·       Soft, comfortable and reusable seat covers for use on airplanes and theater seats

The cost is only $14.99, but avoiding illness during travel is truly priceless.  Everyone on the plane will wish they had a Seat Sitter!  Be a part of the trend sure to take over flying!  A Seat Sitter will be your must have travel companion!

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