Skal International Elects Its First Latina President

This groundbreaking event coincides with the implementation of Skal International’s new governance model, marking a significant evolution in the organization’s structure.

The transformative new governance structure, ratified at the 2022 World Congress in Croatia, emerged from former 2022 Skal International World President Burcin Turkkan’s presented vision and the unwavering efforts of the committees she spearheaded. The approval process involved extensive work and global dialogue with Skal International leaders, culminating in a consensus that led to the transition from the traditional 6-member Executive Board to the current 14-member board. This change represents the most significant governance shift since Skal International’s founding and reflects the organization’s dedication to embracing representative and forward-thinking leadership.

“The introduction of the new governance model and the election of Annette Cardenas as President-Elect are both milestones in the journey of Skal International,” said Juan Steta, Skal International World President 2023 who prepared the organization for the transition into the new governance in 2023. “Annette Cardenas’s vision for 2024 is to build bridges among Skal International continents, fostering an era of increased collaboration and unity across our diverse membership.”

President-Elect Annette Cardenas brings a wealth of experience and a rich professional background to her new role. Her theme for 2024, “Building Bridges for a stronger Skal International” reflects her commitment to strengthening connections and promoting solidarity among Skal International members globally.

Annette Cardenas added, “Together, we will embark on a transformative journey that respects our rich history while embracing the future with open arms and a spirit of inclusiveness.”

In line with the new governance model, the following officers have been elected to serve on the Board:

•             Vice President: Denise Scrafton Australia, Region 12

•             Director Region 1: Andres Hayes, USA

•             Director Region 2: Marc Rheaume, Canada & Bahamas

•             Director Region 3: Enrique Flores, Mexico

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•             Director Region 5: Toni Ritter, Germany

•             Director Region 6: Sonia Spinelli, Switzerland

•             Director Region 7: Bertrand Petyt,  Northern Europe

•             Director Region 8: Jose Luis Quintero, Southern Europe

•             Director Region 9: Asuman Tariman, Turkiye

•             Director Region 10: Mohan NSN, India

•             Director Region 11: Kitty Wong, Asia

•             Director Region 13: Bruce Garrett, Oceania

•             Director Region 14: Olukemi Soetan, Africa

Skal International invites all members and partners to support the new Board and join in the collective effort to advance the organization’s mission in this new governance era.

SOURCE: Skal International Elects Its First Latina President

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