Seychelles Engages in Local2030 Islands Network CoP Conference, Promoting Climate Resilience and Sustainable Tourism

The 2024 Local2030 Islands Network Community of Practice (CoP) Conference concluded its successful run at the Hawaii Convention Center, marking a significant milestone in fostering collaboration among island communities worldwide.

From April 22 to 26, the conference provided a platform for technical experts, practitioners, and government leaders to convene in person and exchange knowledge, insights, and strategies aimed at advancing climate resilience and sustainable tourism initiatives.

Seychelles played an active role in the conference, with Mr. Paul Lebon, the Director General for Product Planning and Development at Tourism Seychelles, sharing expertise from the tourism sector. He was joined by Mr. Tarek Nourrice of the Seychelles Meteorological Services, representing the Data for Climate Resilience CoP.

Joined by counterparts from over 30 islands across the globe, participants engaged in robust discussions, training sessions, and peer-to-peer exchanges focused on island-specific strategies for generating and leveraging climate resilience data. Additionally, participants explored tools and methodologies to develop and implement sustainable and regenerative tourism projects tailored to island contexts.

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Mr. Tarek Nourrice added, “The exchange of knowledge and best practices will be instrumental in strengthening our collective resilience to climate change.”

The gathering of local and international experts underscored the importance of collaborative action in addressing the complex challenges facing island communities. Discussions delved into innovative approaches for harnessing data-driven solutions and promoting sustainable practices that support both environmental preservation and economic prosperity.

“We are committed to fostering sustainable tourism practices that benefit our communities while safeguarding our natural resources,” stated Mr. Paul Lebon. “The insights gained from this conference will inform our efforts to develop tourism initiatives that align with Seychelles’ vision for a resilient and thriving future.”

Through knowledge exchange, collaboration, and cultural appreciation, the conference succeeded in motivating local action for climate resilience and sustainability on a global scale. As islands continue to confront the impacts of climate change, events like the Local2030 Islands Network CoP Conference serve as critical platforms for collective learning and action.

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