Seychelles amongst top 30 best countries for remote work

The world’s leading travel search engine, Kayak, has released its first Work from Wherever Index where Seychelles has been ranked as the 26th best country, scoring 69 out of 100, for remote work based on 22 factors that included entry and visa restrictions, local costs, safety and security, internet speed, weather, and social life.

At the peak of the pandemic, many organizations discovered the wonders of remote work, freeing employees from the shackles of their desks. As a result, increasing numbers of employees have seized the opportunity to improve their work-life balance by working from their dream destinations.

Witnessing this shift in the global workplace, Seychelles launched ‘Workcation’ its remote work program, in early 2021, to accommodate remote workers, giving them the chance to bring their work along as they experience the treasures of its islands.

It comes as no surprise that the destination’s highest-ranking category in the Work from Wherever Index is weather as Seychelles boasts a tropical climate with mostly sunshine all year round, lying well outside of the cyclone belt, making it ideal for travelers seeking an escape.

This category was followed by local costs encompassing apartment rental prices per month/day, transport, food & restaurant prices; health and safety, namely political stability, air pollution, LGBT equality, road safety; travel including accessibility, accommodation, car & fuel prices; remote work support such as remote work visas, co-working spaces, internet speeds; and social life English proficiency; culture; bars & clubs per capita.

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Tourism Seychelles Director-General for Destination Marketing, Mrs. Bernadette Willemin, expressed the destination’s satisfaction, stating “Evidently, our destination meets many of the criteria to allow one to peacefully and productively work remotely. On the product side, destination Seychelles offers a wide range of modern infrastructure and caters for all taste and budget, be it on the coast or the interior of the islands which make it easy for everyone to find their perfect working place in Seychelles.”

Seychelles is home to an array of natural wonders, bringing visitors closer to nature and a place where they can detox and reconnect with themselves and loved ones. The diversity of the islands and the rich culture of the creole community make every day a new experience for its visitors, adding to the destination’s appeal as a long-term holiday spot.

The Seychelles Workcation program encompasses all the services that support remote working comprising accommodation, flights, food and beverages, healthcare, and other services, carefully blended into packages for diverse types of visitors. Remote workers planning their stay in Seychelles can access information on

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