SAUDIA Successfully Transported 7.4 Million Guests Internationally

SAUDIA (Saudi Arabian Airlines) has continued to achieve remarkable operational performance, as evident by the performance report for the first half of 2023. The report highlights the transportation of over 13.7 million guests on both domestic and international routes, representing a substantial 24% increase compared to the same period last year. This impressive feat was accomplished through the operation of 85,400 flights, reflecting a growth rate of 6%. Furthermore, flight hours surged by an impressive 22%, reaching a total of 261,600 hours. Notably, the overall flight punctuality rate reached an impressive 86,3%.

On the international front, there was a noteworthy 52% increase in the number of guests transported during the first half of 2023, with a total of 7.4 million guests. Additionally, the airline operated 37,600 flights, marking a significant 30% growth. SAUDIA extended its reach to four continents, accumulating an impressive 180,700 flight hours, a remarkable 40% increase compared to previous periods. The report also underscores the successful transport of 6.3 million guests on domestic routes, achieved through the operation of 47,700 flights, accumulating 80,800 flight hours.

Capt. Ibrahim Koshy, CEO of SAUDIA, highlighted the outstanding flight operations, punctuality rates, and guest transportation achieved during this period. These accomplishments align with the airline’s commitment to efficiency and operational safety, which are of paramount importance. Capt. Koshy also emphasized the crucial role played by the national flag carrier in supporting the growth of the tourism, business, Hajj and Umrah sectors through strategic partnerships.

SAUDIA has increased its seat capacity and flight frequency to cater to the growing demand for travel, firmly establishing itself as a key player in bringing the world to the Kingdom.

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It is worth noting that the first half of 2023 witnessed the successful inauguration of three new international destinations within SAUDIA’s expansive flight network. These destinations include Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, Gatwick International Airport in London, UK, and Nice in France. These additions further bolster SAUDIA’s market share in international aviation, offering a diverse range of options for guests. Additionally, during this period, the airline welcomed its first Airbus A321neo aircraft, marking the beginning of a fleet expansion plan that will see the incorporation of 20 aircraft of the same model by 2026. The airline’s fleet, comprising various models from esteemed manufacturers Boeing and Airbus, now stands at an impressive total of 140 aircraft.

This exceptional performance and unwavering commitment to excellence firmly position SAUDIA as a leading global airline, dedicated to providing exceptional services to its guests and contributing to the Kingdom’s growth and development.

SAUDIA Successfully Transported 7.4 Million Guests Internationally
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