Sandals Using the Power of Travel to Inspire Hope in the Caribbean

As the Sandals Foundation celebrates its 14th anniversary this year, the CHTA Education Foundation’s Grenada program, which was generously supported by the Sandals Foundation, delivered exuberance, joy, and call to action as it delivered Caribbean Supercharged Service Training in Grenada

190 Hospitality professionals from Grenada and Carriacou received practical and supporting theory training in fresh service delivery during the Caribbean Supercharged Service series of training workshops from July 10 to 20, 2023, in partnership with the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association. 

Representatives from Carriacou businesses were able to participate daily with assistance from the Sandals Foundation and the Tourism Enhancement Fund. Many remarked it was the first time they had been actively courted and included in an international training opportunity, delivered with Caribbean knowledge and cultural ease.

The Celebration, like the training workshops, was marked by high energy, overflowing joy and a real sense of passion, commitment and action from all who gathered.

Hon. Andy Williams, Minister of Mobilization, Implementation and Transformation, was energized by all he experienced and spoke from his heart not a script.

“I embrace Caribbean Supercharged Service training!”

“Research shows there is a regional mismatch between skills needed and skills provided, this program is bridging that gap and a step in the right direction. Participants, when you go back to your organization, be the salt! Salt changes the flavor of the pot. Demonstrate you are different, you are a step-ahead, you sparkle, you are energized, you are Supercharged and you are the change that you want to see in your organization – the change starts with you. My government is very supportive of this Caribbean Supercharged Service program and would like it to continue.”

Representing the Education Foundation at the closing celebration was Trustee Rachel Browne. In her remarks, she congratulated the participants and urged them to stay the course “I cannot stress enough how important it is for Caribbean people to position ourselves to be major decision makers in this industry, which we have been blessed with. It is therefore imperative that you must continue to pursue further education, be relentless in your pursuit of training and upward growth. As Caribbean people we must be present at the table where decisions are made, and we must continue to shine and provide quality customer care for all who grace our shores.”

“The Education Foundation was delighted to return to Grenada after our successful 2019 Heartfelt Guest Care training,” explained Suzanne Shillingford-Brooks, one of the trainers from Talkabout and Earth Solutions, “We have delivered Caribbean Supercharged Service Training over the past two weeks that is the perfect union of knowledge, consistent practice of skills, empathetic communication and genuine care. Each workshop is rooted in people and sound operational practices with a Caribbean flair. The workshops have been a joy as GHTA members and non-members came together to learn and every person contributed valuably and fully during the training day – they shared and worked hard together.”

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Browne delivered congratulations and thanks from Chairwoman, Karolin Troubetzkoy who singled out the “tremendous collaborative spirit and open communication with GHTA President Kendra Hopkin, CEO Arlene Friday and her team which enabled the Education Foundation to deliver relevant training to the participants.”

Executive Director, Heidi Clarke spoke passionately about the importance of training in building the capacity of service providers within the tourism industry. “By reaching beyond the traditional Hotel & Tourism Association membership and sharing with various properties and businesses across the Tri-Island Nation, together we will help nurture the development of the hard and soft skills needed for the sustainable growth of the travel and hospitality industry. Improving the experiences, raising the quality of service received, and providing an unforgettably authentic experience in Grenada for all.”

Arlene Friday, CEO of Grenada Hotel & Tourism Association, “Brand Grenada! Brand Caribbean! Congratulations to each participant who successfully completed their Caribbean Supercharged Service workshops. The GHTA President and Boards vision was to deliver a service-centric training series that engaged, inspired and gave fresh thinking to what service means in 2023 and beyond.

“Thank you to the CHTA Education Foundation who, as our partners, played an amazing role in the success of the past two weeks. Their trainers, Louise John & Suzanne Shillingford-Brooks, have been stellar. Their commitment to excellence is bar none and the power and passion that they bring is contagious. I urge every participant to let that passion and power grow in you, feed your passion, achieve your goals, as together we continue to grow Brand Grenada to ever more power and success.”

Other partners which made this training possible are Coyaba Beach Resort and True Blue Bay Grenada. Learn more about the Education Foundation, its scholarships and training programs at .

All costs associated with administration and management of the Sandals Foundation is supported by Sandals International so that 100% of every dollar donated goes directly towards funding impactful and meaningful initiatives within the key areas of Education, Community and Environment.

Sandals Using the Power of Travel to Inspire Hope in the Caribbean
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