Pickpocketed, Diseased, and Surrounded by Prostitutes in Singapore

Thanks to budget airlines I was capable to pick-up cheap tickets to Singapore from Perth (Western Australia). I had never already been through it before also it would have been a short trip beyond this concept to Malaysia in order that it also set it up possibility to visit family after a few events of exploring. This didn’t turn into a great trip…

Since budget airlines don’t feed you (I’ve now learnt to consider sandwiches fully briefed) one thing I wanted to perform once from customs was get food. I lined up in the first instance I saw and checked to see the amount of money I had on me. I remember the precise feeling I had when I discovered my wallet was missing. I figured I had dropped it on the plane so I quickly went to the airline counter to determine if they had thought it was on their cleanup. After 10 minutes of hearing them ramble forwards and backwards on the walkie talkies, they said otherwise on the airplane and that I will need to have lost it between moving away from the aero plane and walking through customs. I think an even more likely story could be that the flight attendant found and pocketed it, or I was pick pocketed.

Either way, this left me without money or credit/debit cards. I rank Singapore airport among the best in the world, so it was no issue to find a bank. Unfortunately they couldn’t do anything whatsoever, despite the fact that I had each of the numbers of my cards. I was forwarded to catch a taxi to town to sort it out. With no money this became not an option. I decided to only wait in hunger for my connecting flight to Malaysia which has been in 30 hours. I spent almost all of this about the free internet outside Burger King. Not where to get on an empty stomach, but I remembered Tom Hanks inside the movie Terminal and so dined on crackers.

Once in Borneo I went right to my Step-Mums house and sat on the phone for 8 hours. 5 days later a money transfer in the bank arrived. It was lucky I had family in Malaysia I would are actually sleeping on the street broke to eat.

After my stop by at Sabah and after this ‘cashed’ up I went back to Singapore where my return flight to Perth was from. I had it planned to pay a couple of days there. As soon as I stepped away from the airport the thick, humid air hit me. It was just like in Malaysia but I guess I subconsciously believed that since it was known to be the cleanest city in the planet then a air would be nice and clean. I took a deep breathe and headed for accommodation. The train system in Singapore is very good and I had no problem finding my hotel.

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I stayed in a area called Geylang. It seemed ordinary enough. A few noodle shops, general stores etc. I wasn’t feeling to great so I arrived at my hotel and slept it off until the evening meal. When I awoke however, the quaint little ‘suburb’ did actually have become one big Brothel. There were no families eating in theA�restaurantsA�at on this occasion of day. After a 10 minute stroll resulting in 10 offers of women for hire, I found an area that wasn’t overpopulated by gangsters and ordered.

As as it happens, Singaporeans are incredibly friendly. A middle aged man took a chair next to me plus an assortment of dishes arrived. ‘Please, help me eat’ he said in my experience. We ate and talked until about 50 % of way through after which decided that individuals could not make it through it. He then invited a few of the local ladies in the night (have been justA�hangingA�around actually talking to the patrons, I’m guessing, wanting to pick-up some work’) to come and join us. He would say something to them inA�Chinese, they might laugh, then he would talk if you ask me inA�English, usually something about his wife and kids. I guess by telling me about his family it made him feel OKA�about flirting with the prostitutes. I saw nothing wrong by using it, he was having an excellent time.

The girls helped finish the food, then he tipped them for helping us eat. I went back to my hotel early that night as I had been feeling unwell. I only spent another two days in Singapore nonetheless it was plenty of. In fact, it turned out very similar to home town, Perth. Only cheaper, humid and Asian. I was still crook when I got home so visited a physician. I found themselves having some type of fungal disease. It went away right after more days but wasn’t pleasant.

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