Mamma Africa in Jamaica: 1st Unbuntu Spiritual Awakening Summit

Dr. Arikana, also known as Mamma Africa, the former Ambassador of the African Union (AU) to the United States, a renowned Pan-Africanist, Founder, President, and CEO of African Diaspora Development Institute (ADDI) is honoring Umoja Generational Wealth, an African Diaspora organization, operating under ubuntu principles with her presence at the first Ubuntu Awakening Summit taking place in Jamaica.

This summit represents the start of the journey of reversing the transatlantic enslavement triangle trade.

Participating at the Ubuntu Awakening Summit, Dr. Arikana will help to bring together thousands of Africans and the African Diaspora composed of scientists, professionals, youth, entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders, mathematicians, diplomats, visionaries, change makers, and trailblazers into a single space where they will put together a roadmap for reversing the damages of the transatlantic enslavement of our ancestors.

Spiritual Awakening

This journey starts with Spiritual Awakening, leading to Heritage Discovery and landing in Ancestral Lineage Connection.

Since Dr. Arikana started her Pan-Africanism journey, she has united and re-united, awakened and shaken millions of Africans and African Descendants across the globe, and once again, she will be the joining force of thousands of Africans who will be physically and virtually present at the summit.

She has helped millions of African Descendants to find their journey back home:

Spiritually, mentally, psychologically, and physically.

When Europeans started the Trans-Atlantic enslave trade in the XVI century, they created the Trans-Atlantic Enslavement Trade Triangle.

This brought Africans and their descendants into many corners of the world, leading to about 400 million African Diasporans today.

We also know that 90%+ of the African diaspora are not Diaspora by choice; it is the result of what happened before (including enslavement and colonization) and what is continuing to this day through neo-colonization, propaganda, media, religion, education, brainwashing, misinformation and truth manipulation, war, resource looting.

Ubuntu Awakening Summit, the first of its kind, will take place in Jamaica, from 5th to 10th February 2024, to begin the journey to solve this.

Why Jamaica? One may ask.

There are many reasons, however, the most important one is that Jamaica was built as a regional hub for the enslaved arriving in the Caribbean but also used for the looted riches to be brought back to Europe.

So, symbolically, Jamaica is playing a critical role in carving the route back home to Africa.

While in Jamaica participants will have the opportunity to do their DNA testing, discover their heritage, and connect to their ancestral route through activities like:

A visit to Maroon Village

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Circle of Fire

Origin of Yoga

Origin of Life through the Black Woman’s Womb

Alternative Finance System

Pan-African Crypto Currency


Letter to our Ancestors

African Economic System

African Print

Sunset and Sunrise Meditation among other activities

A Summit of Honor :

The organizer explains:

This is a summit of HONOUR, UPLIFTMENT, INSPIRATION, AWAKENING, WEALTH, ABUNDANCE, and SECURITY which will connect us to our Motherland. This is not all, as we have a couple of amazing surprises for you.

More information:

More information on or by contacting WhatsApp +44-7587-928-032
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