Malaysia Travel Guide: Trip Highlights, Itineraries, & Tips

Malaysia is an amazing and assorted country that has something to offer everyone. When you think about Malaysia, a series of colorful images come to my mind, a vibrant mix of cultures, languages and very complex history to add to its personality. Malaysia is a destination you should highly consider for your dream holiday. An advantage of being affordable to those who choose to visit its humble offering, Malaysia can sweep you off your feet by its simple beauty. I have traveled through Peninsular Malaysia, and it has become one of my favorite countries in the entire world! Moreover, it has just the right amount of ingredients that make my holiday memorable for a lifetime.


You’ll most likely be starting your Malaysian holidays in the amazing capital city — Kuala Lumpur.  This is truly a special place with friendly people, beautiful sights, and delicious food (just like the rest of Malaysia).  During my travels in South-East Asia, I was lucky enough to call this city home for a while.  The first time I visited Kuala Lumpur I actually didn’t enjoy the city too much, but after spending more time there I discovered how special the city really is.

Day 1: Kuala Lumpur City Tour

After having breakfast in our hotel itself, we set out on the half day journey through Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur is, in doubt, tour purpose of passage to Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia; it is a standout amongst the most extraordinary and developed city in the country, with world-class hotels, beautiful strip malls, and nearby and worldwide cooking styles Resturants. The visitor includes the well known PETRONAS Twin Towers (tallest structure on the planet), the Palace, National Monument, the National Museum (tickets at your expense), and the National Mosque finally, the impactful Kuala Lumpur Tower. We get free by evenings and enjoy evening near our hotel and enjoy our BBQ dinner, in a famous Italian Restaurant and relax in Kuala Lumpur Hotel.

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Day 2:  Head To Pulau Penang.

 Penang- a world best exotic holiday destination-was known as Pulau Pinang or the “Isle of the Betel Nut”. Penang has an array of temples, museums, preserved forests and beautiful beaches that make a trip memorable. Some of the beautiful beaches in Penang are Batu Ferringhi and Tanjung Bungah, which includes in five-star hotels and front beach resorts with amazing views and ample dining venues. Water waves are best spots for recreational activities such as parasailing, jet skiing, and windsurfing. Sunbath with a tranquil setting, there are plenty of remote and some quiet beaches with fishing villages and beautiful greenery.

Best things to do in Penang:

  • Take a visit to Penang Hill for spectacular views of the city.
  • Spend some time hiking through the National Park.
  • Beach day and sunset on Batu Ferringhi Beach.
  • Georgetown and check out all the artwork.
  • Eat at Penang’s famous hawker stalls.

Best Hotel in Penang

Lexis Suites Penang is the most beautiful hotel of Penang with excellent affordable rooms, amazing view. The theme of a room is fabulous and highly recommended. Food is very well diverse and Sky bar is just fantastic.


Spend your beautiful 48hours in Langkawi with our best attractions, of nightlife spots, shopping, and dining. Malaysia is the best holiday destination place where plenty of amazing beaches, Marie parks, waterfalls and duty-free shopping malls who offers imported alcohols, kitchenware, and apparel prices. No holiday tour is complete without having the taste of Seafood dishes and cheap alcoholic beverages by the beaches of Langkawi.


Best Hostel in Langkawi: Tubotel

TUBOTEL rooms made of giant drainage pipes, painted in various pastel colors. Going with the minimalist trend, the rooms king-size bed with ample storage, comfy bedding, and a reading lamp. Full-size glass front provides an amazing view of the beach, and a Sunset to die for!

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The crowd of tour loves to laze around on the daybeds, enjoy play pool with amazing views and make new friends.


The Cameron Highlands is a most beautiful hill station in central Peninsular Malaysia and has become a popular destination to visit in Malaysia. You’ll fall in love with the beauty of green tea plantations, and will leave you speechless when you reach the highest peak in the Cameron Highlands. The Cameron Highlands are reasonable in a weekend if you want to enjoy a taste of strawberries, a sip of tea, and a half¬-day hike. Hopping aboard a tour group will help whisk you around a few sights if you don’t have a car; try Tripbells. If you plan to hike, stretch your stay for more days, allowing time to enjoy the highlands.

Best Hotel In The Cameron Highlands:

The hotel rooms are spacious that guests are most appreciated about the hotel. They were described as much bigger than standard hotel rooms, and certainly bigger than expecting.


The Perhentian Islands is surrounded by greenery, steps from the beach. It offers a variety of water fun activities and provides charming wooden bungalows with private balconies. It provides an outdoor pool and tennis courts. You can travel by boat to see the mountains of green rise from the sea which is almost in the jungle.

One of the best things about the Perhentian Islands is that there are no roads to travel, which means there’s also no major development over there.

They’re two types of Perhentian Islands. Perhentian Besar means Big Perhentian and Perhentian Kecil means Small Perhentian. Which one you choose is normally decided by the kind of traveler you are.


Pulau Kapas is one of the most amazing and relaxing places you will ever visit or heard.  It’s truly a dream island paradise that has a strange power to keep you there longer than you planned on staying.

  It’s not a rich and fashionable place with tons of 5 Star Resorts or expensive restaurants.  It’s a very austere island, which is what makes it so special. The beach is amazing with the view, the water is perfectly clean, and you’ll be left speechless when you first arrive to feel the beauty of Pulau Kapas.


Everyone having a dream to spend some time on beaches if you really have then visit Tioman Island in Malaysia is an awesome place where you can live your dream. It has some of the best scuba-diving sites, trekking and scenic views to food and cultural activities in the whole country.

It is a DUTY-FREE island, which makes mocktail and cocktail on this island pretty cheap! Tioman Island is famous for white sand beaches; Tioman Island is the perfect destination for a weekend getaway and one of the amazing islands in Malaysia. There is more to Tioman Island than learning to dive on a weekend lives aboard from Singapore. The best place to enjoy a relaxed island with sand between your toes.

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