Green Globe Forms Green Globe Sri Lanka Subsidiary

It is expected to support small family farmers in Sri Lanka with additional sustainability related initiatives planned for renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Green Globe, Ltd., owner of the Green Globe brand and licensor of all Green Globe programs worldwide, today announced the formation of Green Globe Sri Lanka, a licensee that will oversee and advance Green Globe’s core focus in Sri Lanka as stated in its “Manifesto” – the promotion and implementation of the circular economy through the development of sustainability initiatives in areas such as clean energy, water, transportation, and waste, which will produce tangible environmental, social and economic benefits in communities around the world.

In a recent blog post, Green Globe, Ltd. Managing Director Steve Peacock disclosed that the brand’s first project under its Pathway to Sustainability program in Sri Lanka would be a micro-finance division of the Sri Lankan company initially focused on the agricultural sector, in which potentially thousands of family farmers are in need of small, short-term loans for subsistence until their crops are harvested and sold under contract.

The entity has now been formed in cooperation with Green Globe’s partners in Sri Lanka and will subsequently move forward with community meetings to inform eligible family farmers and generate a list of those interested in this much needed financial service. Support for subsistence farmers has been shown to improve social and economic development outcomes both for the farmers and for their communities.

Green Globe has significant history in Sri Lanka including in the travel and tourism sector with numerous hospitality businesses displaying the Green Globe logo. Current Green Globe, Ltd. management has spent considerable time in Sri Lanka beginning in late 2017 working with its partners in the country to explore potential projects in both agriculture and energy.

Positioned along key international shipping lanes that allow for the movement of goods between many countries and several continents, Sri Lanka is also known for its beauty, wildlife, and abundance of natural resources. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) recently stated, “By integrating sustainability principles into its financial systems and attracting private investments, Sri Lanka can unlock new avenues of investment, attract international capital, and create a resilient and inclusive economy.”

“We have been focused on Sri Lanka for quite some time and believe it is the ideal location for our first ‘Pathway to Sustainability’ project,” stated Mr. Peacock. 

“This will be the start of Green Globe’s stated mission to create and support the concept of the circular economy in emerging growth and developing countries.”

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“I have visited Sri Lanka to meet with our partners, see potential projects, and lay the groundwork for our future initiatives. I expect to return in the coming months to begin meetings to gauge interest and prepare to deploy resources when appropriate,” he added.   

Green Globe is asking all of its followers, fans, and anyone interested in supporting its efforts to bolster communities in developing countries, to build a more climate resilient, sustainable world and to implement the circular economy to sign up to receive information about the Pathway program here: Those signing up will receive occasional updates about projects, news from the communities Green Globe is supporting, and details about what Green Globe needs to bring the projects to successful completion.

Green Globe is also looking for leaders who will help us bring these principles to life in communities around the world. The brand strongly believes that the youth of this world is nearly unanimous in its desire to see real action on climate, sustainability, and implementation of the circular economy. Not just words or empty promises but real action. Green Globe intends to provide everyone who shares our vision the opportunity to contribute to this effort in a variety of ways. 

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About Green Globe

The Green Globe brand, owned by Green Globe, Ltd., a UK company, is committed to promoting and implementing the concept of a circular economy in communities, countries, and regions around the world, both directly and through its licensees. Green Globe traces its roots to the United Nations Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992, where heads of state from around the world acknowledged, as a group, the impact of human socio-economic activities on the environment and the urgent need to address environmental degradation. First developed within the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) in 1993, the Green Globe logo has long been recognized around the world as a symbol of environmental responsibility and social impact. Today, the brand and its associated programs hold even greater promise as the world further embraces the need for sustainability, diversity, equality, inclusion, and response to global climate change as essential core values. More information can be found at

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