ETOA CEO Tom Jenkins is now a tourism hero: I am losing my hair

Tom Jenkins today was invited to join the International Tourism Hall of Heroes. He updated in this podcast this audience on the current situation of European Tourism and shares his views for the future. Tom is the CEO of the European Tour Operator Associaton (ETOA)  for more than 20 years and based in London, UK.

According to host Dr. Peter Tarlow, host of this session, there is now a dual attack by COVID-19 on both health attack and economic wellbeing. It means that also, businesses depending on tourism are faced.

“How do we survive? How to we make tourism work?
Even if we come out of it in years to come.  The one time we worry about the hijacking of planes, overcrowding of tourism attractions or night clubs, are becoming a remote problem for law enforcement. Today such law enforcement resources are put up to enforce social distancing and how wearing masks. This is now becoming a new type of policing and went from tourism policing to medical policy policing.”

How is COVID-19 impacting tourism in Europe and the United States and other parts of the world?  Tom Jenkins has been on the pulse of everything travel and tourism-related. His voice counts. He has been trying to keep the lights on for European Tourism.

Its also why today he was invited to the International Tourism Hall of Heroes and officially became a Safer Tourism Hero in the eyes of tourism leaders who discuss a way forward with members in 118 countries.

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Some of the reactions to this achievement received included a comment by Jum Brown saying “This man is a legend”, or from Christine Morgenstern: “Congratulations Tom! So very well deserved! A legend indeed.

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Mr. Jenkins said: “Thank you so much. Enormous honor to be inducted as a hero. I have to say I have never been described as a hero, and I know some may profoundly disagree with this assessment, but this is an enormous honor.”

The COVID-19 crisis did not go unnoticed for the latest tourism Hero Tom Jenkins. He explains his symptoms: “I had been losing my hair.”  Listen to what else Tom had to say:

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