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“Dream archipelago” honored during the 19th edition of the IViaggiatori

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During the 19th edition of IViaggiatori, Swiss International Holiday Exhibition Seychelles won Swiss Tourism Awards 2022 for Top Destination.

During the 19th edition of IViaggiatori, Swiss International Holiday Exhibition Seychelles won Swiss Tourism Awards 2022 for Top Destination.

The exhibition held in Lugano, Switzerland, ran from Saturday, October 29, to Tuesday, November 1. The IViaggiotori sees around 20,000 visitors annually, with up to 150 exhibitors representing various destinations and promoting their products.

Tourism Seychelles’ marketing director for Switzerland, Ms. Judeline Edmond, said she was surprised to receive the award while she exhibited at the Seychelles stand. Engraved on the award is a beautiful tribute written in Italian, dedicating to the islands – “A dream archipelago with turquoise sea and coral reefs that confirms itself as one of the most famous destinations.”

This is Seychelles’ second time participating in the travel fair and it went exceptionally well, as stated by Ms. Edmond.

“The fair aims to push more focus on the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. It was successful for Seychelles as I received a lot of queries about the destination in general, such as geographical location, climate, environment and current sustainability programs,” said Ms. Edmond.

“It was great to know that there was a lot of bookings already initiated for November 2022 to June 2023.”

The Swiss Tourism Awards are a renowned worldwide award presented in Switzerland to highlight excellence in many facets of the tourism industry and identify tourist destinations that are not frequently included in the more well-known tourist routes. The awards are rewarded to locations that promote new kinds of sustainable alternatives to conventional mass tourism itineraries and themes. They are presented as part of the Swiss International Holiday Exhibition in Lugano.

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Destinations are chosen and put through shortlisting procedures in order to qualify for the awards. Each destination under consideration undergoes an online reputation analysis through ‘Web2rism’ after being determined to be destinations of interest to the relevant niche markets. This allows the committee working on the recognition to clearly identify each destination’s strengths and weaknesses. Web2rism is a business intelligence tool for the tourism industry that can analyze millions of web pages and provide a detailed report on the online reputation of the analyzed locations.

Winning this honor is particularly noteworthy as Seychelles is not only acknowledged for the splendor that it holds but the other aspects that make the destination a worthwhile visit. It is also reassuring to know that Seychelles’ sustainability efforts in terms of tourism are not going unnoticed.

The destination has been very vocal on its conservation and protection endeavors both on local and international scenes. Winning this award furthers Seychelles’ visibility in that aspect and broadens the scope of what the destination has to offer.

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