Different Types of Baths in Interior Design

If you are reading this article, bathtubs of all types are on your mind at this very moment. Are you remodeling your house and want to change the bath? Do you have any ideas about what kind of tub you need? Do you work with a designer or alone? What bath do you have at home? Visit the https://www.aquaticausa.com/ page to get the answers to your questions regarding bathtub design, or keep reading the article.

Free-standing bathtubs

It is a classical bathtub variant, as the very first tubes were exactly of the same installation type. Free-standing models are not connected to any surface but the floor. They can be of any design, from an antique clawfoot tube to contemporary ergonomic models. Nowadays, if you want to buy freestanding bath solutions, you will be surprised to know that most of them are made of advanced materials like artificial stone or acrylic. Free-standing models look great when you have a large bathroom. Their charm will be lost if you do not have enough space.

Drop-in bathtubs

This type of bathtub needs installation into a deck. You should hire a carpenter to build a deck or a peninsula. After this, you can install a bathtub of any shape and size into this frame. Sometimes you can hide the front side of the bathtub behind a front panel. Many manufacturers produce these protection panels for each bathtub in their collections. 

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Corner bathtubs

Corner bath models are notable for their ample size. They usually start from 120 cm per side with an average size of 150X150 cm. The drawback of these models is that they consume too much water, and it takes time to fill them. Consider a different model if you are fond of relaxing in hot water every day but want to save some money on utility bills.

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