Best Off-Road Cars For Your Winter Break

Whether you are a fan of cars, or you are just looking for a car to enjoy an off-roading experience with the family, there are a number of options available to give you the best of a road car without compromising on comfort of any kind. In this article, we will be providing you with our top choices for the best off-road cars this winter.

Land Rover Discovery

By far one of the most popular cars for off-roading is the Land Rover Discovery. Built for all kinds of terrain whilst still providing comfort as standard, this car is one of the best in the weather. Whether you opt for an older model or a brand new model with driving assistants, this can all help to give you the perfect blend of a luxury car with a go-anywhere attitude and at a price of £23,980 upwards, what more could you ask for?

Jeep Wrangler

If you are looking for something a little more back to basic, then the Jeep Wrangler id the way to go. With the stripped-back nature of the cabin as well as the rugged exterior, this is an off-road vehicle for those that don’t mind comprising on some of the luxury elements. With a number of other off-road vehicles also on offer from Jeep, you cannot go wrong. Additionally, the price of a car such as this one is anywhere between £24,000 upwards, making this a perfect option for those that love heading off the beaten path.

Ford Ranger Raptor

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If you are looking for an option that is much larger and capable of a number of different jobs throughout the day, the Ford Ranger Raptor is the perfect option. With a flatbed on the back as well as a number of in-car technology to make heading off-road much easier without compromising on comfort. In addition to its ability to drive off-road, there are also a number of advanced safety technologies, helping you to keep you and your family safe, regardless of where you are headed off to, in addition to this, the higher bodywork allows you to see over hedgerow making driving in the countryside much safer.

Toyota Land Cruiser

The final option for you to choose when you are looking for the perfect all-round vehicle is the Toyota Land Cruiser. With a starting price of £49,845, this is the perfect car for comfort and off-roading. With 7 seats, enough room for additional items in the boot and a number of other elements to make this car the perfect options, you can cruise the open road and even take a detour off-road for the perfect trip, regardless of whether you are travelling on a holiday or staying in a remote location.

Whether you are looking for a new car in the new year, or you are looking for a car that you can enjoy in the new year, we are sure that one of these will be the perfect option for you. Which will you be choosing first?

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