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Author and AMFC President Russell D. Ward Shares Trillion Dollar Program Ideas for President Trump to Introduce in New Books

TONAWANDA, N.Y., Jan. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Americans Moving Forward Corporation (AMFC Incorporated nonprofit 501C3) president Russell D. Ward is now releasing many trillion-dollar program ideas in his books titled, TRUMP MANIA and TRUMP MANIA II. President Trump can use many of these programs to make America and its citizens greater than ever before.

Some of these ideas are:

Double all employee salaries, Social Security and Retirement payments up to a limit of $60,000. In other words, $15 per hour becomes $30 per hour or $30,000 per year is adjusted upward to $60,000, and $60,000 annually becomes up to a limit of $120,000. To make sure all citizens see the benefit of double the money, President Trump needs to Freeze all Retail Prices so Americans can purchase twice as much for their money.

NATIONAL MULTI WINNER’S LOTTERY See how President Trump can also create up to 700 multi-millionaires per year by introducing a new NATIONAL MULTI WINNER’S LOTTERY to be managed by the federal government.

CREATE CONSUMER PRODUCTS TRADE-IN PROGRAM to give a 25% coupon for every item traded in to be used towards new like kind products purchased after lowest advertised price. This program will double our economy output, erase unemployment, and double taxes collected by the government to create more government handouts to make Americans happier. This plan will also add 70,000 new jobs.

BONUS $50,000 GRANT to help young people get a head start in life, all citizens when reaching their 21st birthday will receive a BONUS $50,000 GRANT.

INTERNET VOTING ACCOUNTS Now that 97% of American citizens own their computers or Internet accessible phones, President Trump can press for restructuring congressmen and Senators’ duties while all registered American citizens could actually take over the responsibility to vote for all laws presented to Congress to vote either yes or no to become law. Citizens can be assigned secured INTERNET VOTING ACCOUNTS to assume voting duties and eliminate lobbyist’s money at the same time.

Citizen’s Labor Union for Employees (C.L.U.) President Trump can begin to make America great by presenting Citizen’s Labor Union for Employees C.L.U. to make sure all employees are being treated fairly.

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Extra tax on businesses that have corporate headquarters off-shore in foreign countries to bring businesses back home to America.  No person other than Trump, anywhere at any time in American history has ever demonstrated their determination, animosity and strength of belligerence to set forth their repeated annoyances to quiet their opposition to continuously insist upon the forwarding of their agendas as much as our current President has. There is no one, nowhere more steadfast than the treasured Donald.

Now with the success of having his tax reduction plan passed, along with the ever-blossoming financial markets, President Trump can introduce many more programs to make America greater than it’s ever been. To see more programs, plans and stories to make America and its citizens greater than ever before, go to Amazon Books, Kindle or for TRUMP MANIA and TRUMP MANIA II

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