This strategic move marks the conclusion of the 2023 marketing campaign in Réunion, titled “Experience Seychelles Big Wow,” which included a massive visibility campaign from September to December 2023.
Spearheading the major marketing initiative, Ms. Bernadette Honore, the representative of Tourism Seychelles in Réunion, took the lead in orchestrating a thorough project employing a diverse multi-channel strategy. The principal aim was to actively connect with the Réunion public, with the overarching goal of enhancing visibility for Seychelles and enticing visitors from Réunion to discover the enchanting shores of the archipelago.
Seychelles is being prominently featured as a dream destination on 127 dynamic screens within renowned shopping malls, including Carrefour Grand Est (Sainte-Suzanne), Carrefour Grand Nord (Sainte-Clotilde), Cap Sacré Coeur – Le Port, Duparc – Sainte-Marie, Grand Large – Saint-Pierre, Savanna Gallery – Saint Paul, Beaulieu Gallery – Saint-Benoit, and Super U – Piton Saint-Leu. These malls account for 70% of Réunion’s largest shopping locations, generating an impressive 35 million people each year.
The “Experience Seychelles Big Wow” 10-second display highlights Seychelles’ breathtaking surroundings, including the archipelago’s rich cultural and natural environments.
The commercial will run throughout December 2023, providing buyers with an immersive experience until the end of January 2024.
For one week, the campaign included above-the-line advertising and brand activation on 15 digital platforms (20-second video), 20 cinema screens (20-second video), television channels (Antenne Réunion and France TV Réunion La Première) featuring a 20-second video, and radio broadcasts (RTL & Rire et Chansons).
In a collaborative endeavour, Seychelles Tourism partnered with Réunion Travel Trade professionals to execute tactical promotions, aiming to enhance sales opportunities for Seychelles in 2023 and beyond.
Addressing the diverse activations across Réunion, the Tourism marketing representative emphasized the significance of enhancing sales through increased brand visibility and heightened consumer engagement on the island.
“As Seychelles takes center stage in Réunion, we’ve implemented a series of initiatives to inspire prospective visitors to embark on a journey of discovery among the 115 islands of treasures. Our aim is not just to encourage exploration of the enchanting charm and irresistible allure of Seychelles but also to invite them to share in the creation of unforgettable moments in this tropical paradise, establishing it as their ultimate travel destination,” said Bernadette Honore.
Tourism Seychelles is dedicated to promoting the unique beauty and cultural richness of the Seychelles archipelago, inviting travelers to experience the “Big Wow” of this idyllic paradise.SOURCE: Seychelles Takes Center Stage in Réunion Read More

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