“I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog eTurboNews has been selected by our global panelists among the Top 100 Tourism Blogs and publications on the web.” This was the message eTurboNews received by Anuj Agarwal, CEO and Founder of Feedspot today.
250,000+ online publications, blogs, and podcasts and publications are listed on FeedSpot.
eTurboNews Number One in the World as Global Travel Industry News
eTurboNews is now number six among the most influential of all travel and tourism blogs in the world. Analyzing the list, eTurboNews is also number one in the world as a global travel industry publication.
eTurboNews Team gets an unexpected New Year Gift
“We’re proud to make it to the top-read travel and tourism-related news and information sites in the world in 2023 twice for eTurboNews and also our World Tourism Wire,” says eTurboNews founder, publisher and CEO Juergen Steinmetz on behalf of the entire eTN team.
Journalists Fired Up at eTurboNews

“Having received this news as an unexpected New Year’s surprise for all of us. It will encourage our dedicated global team to enter 2024 fired up to continue our path as the most influential, independent news publication of the travel and tourism industry.
Also in the years to come, we will not be shy to call a spade a spade, including the underdog, pointing out tourism as a peace industry, and as an industry that contributes to the world economy, employment, and youth tremendously. We will continue to point out changes, new opportunities, and achievements our sector contributes to the world.
All of this wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated team serving our loyal 2+ monthly readers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including New Year’s.
It wouldn’t be possible without PR professionals, destinations, and stakeholders who understand publications should have a share in “Earned Media.”
Thank You or as we say here in Hawaii- MAHALO! ” SOURCE: 100 Top Global Travel Blogs: eTurboNews is Number 6 

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