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Welcome to #JournalistsMatter, our newly launched  rewards program for travel writers and bloggers, because
we believe you matter.
Whenever you see #JournalistsMatter on the bottom of a posted release you could be rewarded when publishing this release in your own media.
The program is very straightforward, the eTN travel media group’s For Immediate Release platform produces and releases global news for leading travel and tourism brands, destinations and suppliers. If you publish a release or write a story from Immediate Release news, you will be rewarded.
Only journalists and bloggers enrolled in the program are eligible and must confirm publication of each story with a valid, live link within one week of publication.
Rewards vary from familiarization trips to special discounts on travel products and gift card rewards.  Full details are provided with your #JournalistsMatter rewards membership after providing the information on our form below.
To get started, shoot us the form below, and reply to our confirmation email. Are you in?
Of course, you are, #JournalistsMatter.

* Forimmediaterelease is encouraging clients to participate in this program, but there is no guarantee.