“You Can Oppose The NRA And Win”, Robert Weiner And Ben Lasky Prove In OpEd In Springfield Republican/MassLive, Article Rated H2/#2 Nationwide By OpEd News

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WASHINGTON, Dec. 25, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — In an oped published this week in the Springfield Republican /  MassLive.com, Robert Weiner and Ben Lasky defuse the myth that you can’t oppose the NRA and win in congressional and other races.  The article is titled, “You can oppose the NRA and win. Time to defuse the myth if we want to end mass killings.”  The article was named H2/ #2 oped in the Nation by OpEd News.  The article was one of four recent publications Weiner cited in his year-end report.

Weiner said in the report,

“Team and friends–Happy Holidays!

Here are our most recent four op-eds to close out the year, two this week. The first is by Ben Lasky and me in The Springfield Republican and MassLive, “You Can Oppose the NRA and Win,” defusing the myth that politicians can’t win elections by opposing the NRA — it was also run nationally and cited as H2/#2 oped in the nation by OpEdNews. 

The second by Michael Hariman and me was also named H2 when it came out — on “The UN’s Shame” of doing virtually nothing about the over 100 rapes that take place every year by its own African “peacekeepers”, and watered down US legislation with no enforcement.  The third is by Michael Hariman and me in the Indianapolis Star on how Trump’s abrasive tone and tough talk to other world leaders at the UN undermines his objectives, and we interviewed foreign policy guru former Senate Foreign Relations Chair Richard Lugar (R-Ind) at the National Press Club, who agreed. The fourth is by Christina McDowell and me in The Georgetowner on how millennials can have a big impact on the 2018 midterms, IF they vote.

We’ve also provided links to our latest media appearances. Seth Meyers poked some fun at us (and more specifically my name) in his “A Closer Look” segment when I sadly discussed close friend John Conyers (for whom I was his spokesman before I went to Clinton WH as drug policy office spokesman). I was interviewed on the Dave Elliott Show (#! SW Florida newstalk show) on WGUF radio to discuss Congressman Conyers as well as the congressional tax bill. Also, we were quoted extensively on CNN and The Hill, when I was asked by Cong. Conyers’ staff to talk with the media zoo camped outside his office (where I went to offer some friendship and support at assistant and friend Camille Martin’s suggestion).   Lastly, we appeared on several media — including NPR for an hour — to discuss action and inaction against the surging opioid crisis.

Weiner added, “Thanks to Ben Lasky for putting together this list.”  He invited colleagues to respond—”Feedback welcome!”


*** December 21, 2017: You can oppose the NRA and win. Time to defuse the myth if we want to end mass killings.–In The Springfield Republican and MassLive by Robert Weiner and Ben Lasky. (Named H2 #2 oped in nation by OpEdNews) 

In the article, Weiner and Lasky wrote:

“The reason nothing has happened is the myth that no one can win elections by attacking the NRA and making guns a central campaign issue. Fox News wrote on Oct. 4 this year, ‘Democrats really haven’t had a successful House or Senate candidate who ran predominantly on a gun control platform since former Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) prevailed in a 1996 House contest.’ That is not a true statement. Cong. Robin Kelly (D-Il.) ran and won in 2012 by pushing against a pro-NRA incumbent, won again in 2014 and 2016, and remains in office, by specifically calling for reforms and opposing the NRA…”

Weiner and Lasky assert the reason for the myth: “Knowing that the impossibility of victory is an untrue myth could persuade others to try.”

They offer other action alternatives in their article:

“If the NRA will not allow Congress to act on something the majority of its members and the American people agree on, members should leave the NRA and start their own group.”

They assert, “It’s also time for Congress to stop laying in fear of the NRA when they can in fact be opposed successfully. If that doesn’t happen, the US will continually be marking these anniversaries into eternity.”

Weiner was a spokesman for the Clinton and Bush White Houses and the House Judiciary and Government Operations committees. Ben Lasky is senior policy analyst at Robert Weiner Associates and Solutions for Change.

Link to full published article: http://www.masslive.com/opinion/index.ssf/2017/12/you_can_oppose_the_nra_and_win.html 

They also report on three other recent opeds:

*** December 21, 2017: THE UN’S SHAME: Watered Down Legislation Continues UN Peacekeeper Rapes–in OpEdNews by Robert Weiner and Michael Hariman, ranked at the time H2 by OpEdNews as #2 oped in the country

They assert, “Now in the era where even sexual harassment is considered a national crime, what happens to the annual 100+ rapes by UN peacekeepers annually? The nations that perpetrate these rarely emphasized but documented atrocities go unpunished by the world body. This is a real situation that is the UN’s shame…”

“The Department of State Authorities Act, Fiscal Year 2017 is a far cry from the original S.2937, which proposed sweeping measures to stop sexual harassment by peacekeepers in the United Nations and other international organizations. Unlike S.2937, which would have cut funding for international organizations guilty of condoning sexual crimes by peacekeepers, S.1635 simply stated that the US would withhold security assistance to nations whose security units are responsible for sexual crimes, without specifying what security assistance would be withheld.”

Link to full published article: https://www.opednews.com/articles/The-UN-s-Shame-Watered-Do-by-Robert-Weiner-Atrocities_Legislation_Peacekeepers_Rape-171221-291.html 

*** October 26, 2017: Trump’s New World Order is More than Bullying NationsIn Indianapolis Star by Robert Weiner and Michael Hariman

At the National Press Club in Washington, former Indiana Senator and foreign policy icon, former Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, Richard Lugar, in an interview last week, conveyed some thoughts on Trump’s UN speech and overall foreign policy: “The tone is something to pursue. When you are looking at the faces of world leaders, you should consider the impact.”

Lugar understood that while Trump’s substance often has merit, Trump’s attitude has hurt his objectives.

Link to published article: https://www.indystar.com/story/opinion/2017/10/26/lugar-trumps-attitude-undermines-objectives/803273001/  

*** October 25, 2017: Youth at the Polls: Big Impact IF They Turn Out–in The Georgetowner–By Robert Weiner and Christina McDowell, ranked H3 by OpEdNews as #3 op-ed in the country

On Nov. 6, 2018, all 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and 34 of the 100 seats in the U.S. Senate will be up for reelection. Democrats might have a shot at flipping Congress — if they get youth to the polls.

According to Pew Research Center, millennials have surpassed the baby boomers as America’s largest generation: 75.4 million to 74.9 million. By 2018, every millennial will be above the legal voting age; as the number of deaths among boomers grows, millennials have the potential to rock Congress in the midterm elections.

However, millennials between the ages of 18 and 34 have the lowest voter turnout of any age group.

Robert Weiner was director of youth voter registration for National Young Democrats during the 1972 presidential campaign. A Georgetown University student, Christina McDowell is policy analyst for Robert Weiner Associates and Solutions for Change.

Link to full published article: https://georgetowner.com/articles/2017/10/25/youth-polls-big/ 

To round out their report, they cite selected recent TV, radio and print news stories:

*** TV, RADIO and Print stories: ***

November 30, 2017: Robert Weiner in lead story by Seth Meyers, “A Closer Look” segment, on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” | Video on YouTube

November 30, 2017: Robert Weiner interviewed live on WGUF radio, SW Florida #1 news-talk, Dave Elliott Show, re Congressman Conyers and national politics | Audio

November 28, 2017: Robert Weiner featured in “Former Conyers aide:– on CNN Politics — Article in print and video

November 28, 2017 — Robert Weiner featured in “Ex-Conyers spokesman:  in The Hill — Article in print

October 28, 2017Robert Weiner talks about “Opioid Killer, Widespread Conspiracy in Pharm Companies” | Video (PS this was right before RT named Russian lobbying operation, but in any case I always told them directly including on-air that i will say what I want and will not spout Russian line.  Now, with their new branding by USG, I simply won’t interview with RT). 

October 18, 2017 — “The Deal With Drug Czars: Aside from having the coolest executive office title, what does a Drug Czar do anyway?” — live on “STUDIO 1A”, one-hour show on The Drug Czar and the Opioid Epidemic, panel including Robert Weiner as former spokesman for White House Drug Policy Office — on WAMU 88.5 FM Washington DC and NPR nationwide |Audio

The Alan Nathan Show:– 200 station airings, Bob’s regular weekly discussion with host: 

December 20, 2017, scroll to 31:49

December 13, 2017, scroll to 29:46

December 4, 2017 scroll to 18:59

November 28, 2017 scroll to 35:13

November 22, 2017, scroll to 30:08

November 14, 2017, scroll to 31:45

November 8, 2017 scroll to 30:35

November 1, 2017, scroll to 32:00 (2 segments)

October 25, 2017, scroll to 31:05

Robert Weiner—Brief bio:
President, Robert Weiner, Associates News; and Solutions for Change Foundation
White House Correspondent, radio-TV commentator, oped columnist (750 op-eds in major papers)
Former spokesman, Clinton and Bush White Houses, 4-Star Gen. Barry McCaffrey, US House Government Operations Committee, and senior staff Congressmen John Conyers, Charles Rangel, Claude Pepper, Ed Koch, and Sen. Ted Kennedy 
Director, Press Briefing Room, 2016, 2012, and 2008 Democratic National Conventions
Winner, 2016, National Press Club President’s Award for program recruiting young journalists to  co-author opinion articles in major papers; 2017, Winner, National Press Club Vivian Award for Newsmakers news conferences

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