Singapore Memories Launches 6 fragrances inspired by “Native Orchids of Singapore”

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Cost ranges from $28 (18ml EDT) to $168 (100ml EDP). Several options are available to choose from.

About “Vanda 1981” : Vanda Orchids are the most natural choice for perfumery notes, because of their soft, haunting, and feminine fragrance. 1981 is a symbolic year in Singaporean history and significant in many ways, but most especially because by this time Singapore was clearly on its way to become a 1st world city. Vanda 1981- This is a mischievous yet gentle Vanda perfume, for a smart and curious young lady, ready to explore the world.

About “Aranda 1965” : Aranda Orchids are beautiful, but tough for perfume application.
1965- Singapore became independent in 1965. The development brought uncertainty and fear. The leaders and pioneer generation turned it around into a country with the 3rd highest per capita GDP in the world.
This perfume is dedicated to the leaders around the world, people of action, people with courage and people who believe in possibilities. People who know the way, go the way and also show the way.

About “One Degree North” : The Equatorial Rain and Fresh Breeze daily reminds us of our location – Beautiful garden City, located “One Degree North“. This perfume has timeless notes of variety of orchids, combined with refined new-age notes of Sea-Salt and Aqua, topped with joyful Citrus.

One Degree North– This is a fragrance for a happy, carefree man. We are bringing you a box full of sunshine and rain.

About “Peranakan Oud” : Peranakan Oud is the very heart of our collection. This unisex, deep soul-searching, unexpected and poetic scent is a collection of unique and surprising olfactory notes, which freely explore new facets of emotion.

“Peranakan Oud” is inspired by the Peranakan culture and takes its base notes from Oud combined with soft Tonka bean, Praline and Green Tobacco leaves. Peranakan males are known as “Babas” and females are known as “Nonyas”.

Oud oil is distilled from Agarwood, and is one of the most expensive ingredient in perfumery. Perhaps it is also the most mysterious. Peranakan Oud- This is a unisex fragrance, designed for Peranakans, Malays and visitors from Europe and Gulf.

About “The Orient” : It’s a mindful immersion in Nature. It’s the calming scent of still water. It’s the beauty of Asia. The pure balance was created by adding Agarwood, Sandalwood, Neroli, Rose, Champaka and other Asian flowers.

About Native Orchids of Singapore & Fragrant Orchids: Some of them are lost to time, but about 80 of them have been resurrected, recreated or replanted.

Almost all orchids have a natural routine for scent release, especially in the wild where they need to be pollinated by bees or flies. Bee-attracting orchids smell wonderful and perhaps the most common example is Vanilla Planifolia. This is one of the main source for natural vanilla flavours.

About Singapore Memories: We are a Singaporean Premium Perfume brand. Our products are often used as Unique and Elegant Singapore Souvenirs and MICE gifts.


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