Leading Ancient Town along the “Maritime Silk Road” Shines in New York Times Square

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Tongguan Kiln Ancient Town was known as the “World Factory” over 1200 years ago. At the Opening Ceremony “Belt and Road” International Cooperation Forum this May, President Xi Jinping, in his speech, specially mentioned the “Batu Hitam” — an ancient sunken ship found in the Indonesian Sea, laden with Chinese silk and porcelain mainly from the Tongguan Kiln in Changsha. It was the time when Chinese trade started to prosper and porcelain was one of the primary items shipped by sea. Craftsmen in Tongguan Kiln ancient town changed the previous Chinese design style of Yue Kiln and Xing Kiln and creatively added many elements of exotic culture into their works, which turned out to be highly welcomed by foreigners and soon became the cardinal merchandise of exported porcelains. As a result, Tongguan Kiln earned quite a reputation in the world and became the world’s biggest supplier and producer of porcelain of the time.

Changsha Tongguan Kiln created several advanced techniques, such as colorful underglaze, underglaze color decoration and molded appliqué. In terms of commerce, not only was it one of the earliest open ports, but also it was a leading town that first created the joint-stock system cooperation mode, used commercial advertising and consignor order notes. In this ancient town, known for its culture and the well-preserved dragon kiln of the Tang Dynasty, holds 14 world records.

At that time, different kinds of porcelain from Tongguan Kiln ancient town were shipped from Xiang River to the ocean. Li Qunyu, a poet of Tang Dynasty, once paid a special visit to Changsha Tongguan Kiln to study and record the production process of “Changsha Kiln” porcelains. His poem “Shizhu” vividly depicts the grand scene of a kiln fire burning. “Shizhu” refers to the area of Tongguan Kiln ancient town. The poem is a mirror of the prosperity of that time. The ancient factory, a thousand years ago, was the center of the modern world.

Situated in Changsha City, Hunan Province of China, Tongguan Kiln ancient town covers an area of 3000 mu (a traditional Chinese measurement). With a 10 billion yuan investment and an original and innovative design, it has been built into a leading ancient town along the maritime silk road by the Macrolink Group. The town also produces a big TV show depicting “Batu Hitam” setting sail and doing trade, which recreates the prosperity of the trade in the porcelain from Changsha Kiln along the Maritime Silk Road. Under the Belt and Road initiative, the town enjoys the opportunity of time, advantages of situation and the accord of men. It has played a vital role as a factory along the history of the Maritime Silk Road and vividly recreates the prosperity of Tang Dynasty a thousand years ago.

As a factory with a thousand year history, the town commands international attention. Macrolink Tongguan Kiln Ancient Town, Hunan Broadcasting System and Macrolink Culturaltainment will be celebrating with a strategic signing ceremony on Sept.15, 2017.

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