Green Globe supports the Paris Agreement to fight GHG pollution

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At the end of 2015, Green Globe was pleased to attend the 21st Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC in Paris. This summit was to become an historic event with enough countries signing the Paris Agreement to begin enforcing the articles of this accord world-wide. At that time, the USA chose to join all major economies, along with the developing nations of the world, and be part of an important change in global environmental protection.

Last week the US President chose to renege on that decision and will attempt to either restart negotiations or try to initiate his own global agreement. Historically, negotiations by US Republican governments regarding the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), have been defined by a lack of global cooperation, disrespect for science, and an unwavering protection of first world privileges. The announcement by the US President to reject the UNFCCC only confirms his government’s desperate desire to return to an old-world order, where countries attempt to put themselves first above all others.

Green Globe supports the Paris Agreement. Climate change is real and is having an impact on environment and people around the planet. Faced with this threat, the world’s leading scientists have been marshalled over many years to find solutions, and they have. These solutions are what underpins the UNFCCC and puts forth the actions, targets and processes to remove the greenhouse gas pollution that threatens every nations’ way of life – both rich and poor.

Looking at the picture above we can see, today, the concentration of CO2 above the USA and across the Northern Hemisphere. The lighter the areas the higher the CO2 concentration, rising to the light blue color over the West and East Coast and The Great Lakes of the US. Check out this video to see a full year’s animation of this pollution.

Like many other enterprises that have found success working for a better future through global collaborations, Green Globe will continue to push forward with our belief in a sustainable future. Last week’s announcement only confirms the need for people, their representatives, and enterprises in communities across the planet to take responsibility for their collective destiny. From time to time leadership may fail us, but there is no good reason for intelligent and responsible individuals to waiver from their resolve for a better world, today and ahead into the future.

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