Global promotion campaign for “Hangzhou, Inspiring New Connections” to be held on September 12-13

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With the rapid development of Hangzhou’s MICE sector, executives and employees across the sector have accumulated a wealth of experience and significantly improved the quality of services. In order to further exhibit Hangzhou’s advantages as a MICE destination and showcase the city’s unique characteristics, the Committee plans to launch a new round of promotions for the remainder of 2017, enabling domestic and foreign meeting organizers to discover the city’s charm and see more possibilities for their events in the city.

During the campaign, leading meeting organizers and journalists from both China and abroad will be invited to Hangzhou to get a full education on the available resources and see how the city successfully competes for events. Guests can expect to gain a deep understanding of Hangzhou’s MICE sector, and be able to creatively discuss solutions with local MICE companies. Besides showcasing Hangzhou’s unique cultural and visual resources, the event organizers plan to work with companies in Hangzhou to demonstrate the city’s high level of modernization and innovation when it comes to the planning of events. With the insights gained from both the domestic and international professional meeting organizers, Hangzhou’s MICE sector expects to be able to further enhance the city’s natural advantages as well as its international reputation.

In Paris, France, the committee plans to install a pop-up “reception room” and “Hangzhou Teahouse” for meetings with organizers where they can sample Hangzhou’s unique cuisine while being handed the goggles that will deliver a VR presentation on Hangzhou’s MICE resources. Furthermore, the meeting organizers on site in Hangzhou will establish remote connections with their peers in Paris, where they can share their impressions of Hangzhou’s MICE sector and answer related questions.

The 2016 G20 Summit was successfully held in Hangzhou in September 2016. Since the second half of last year, Hangzhou MICE has held what the committee has labeled as a series of “temperature” events, including Hangzhou MICE “Temperature Experience Officer” and Hangzhou 20 Best “Temperature” Selections as part of the roadmap to initially establish the Hangzhou MICE brand. The “Hangzhou, Inspiring New Connections” global promotion campaign received substantial attention from media organizations worldwide. On the occasion of the first anniversary of the Hangzhou G20 Summit, Hangzhou’s MICE sector can expect to continue attracting wide attention globally and become the destination of choice for more international meeting organizers.

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